What You Should Know About Dogs

Recently, I just developed this new found love for dogs (I never liked them) and I kept wondering who doesn’t love dogs because they are such cool and lovely animals! Plus they are not called man’s best friend for nothing.

Dogs are one of the animals that has been treated differently by humans compared to other animals.  The dog’s affection to their owner makes them more lovable and most chosen to be a man’s companion.
For so many generations, dogs created a big part in a human’s life and history. They have been a part of the family and have been treated with love and adoration by every family member. Their presence is greatly appreciated because they are not just our best friend but are the most loyal guard in our house. They are also used as police dogs and the most patient guide of the blind.
 In my new found love for these creatures, I got to learn a lot of things about them which some people may not know.
There are some things that we don’t about our dogs and also there are things that we misinterpret.
Here are some facts that we never knew about our dogs:

1. Dogs can get jealous:
Just like your lover, dogs can get jealous when their owner is playing or showing fondness to other dogs or animals. They can suddenly turn from a very cute lovable dog to a jealous monster so don't push them to hard or you risk been snubbed after they catch you petting another animal..

2. Dogs have dreams:
Just know that humans are not the only one who dream while sleeping. Dogs too can dream. So, they too can have nightmares. These are why sometimes you can see your dog whimpering or twitching during sleep. Dogs and human have the same wave patterns while sleeping. 
Some say that smaller dogs have more dreams than the bigger dogs! Don't know about that though..

3. Dogs try to communicate with us by wagging their tail:
All of us believe that when our dogs wag their tail, it means that they are happy to see us. There are different types of wagging. A tail that is wagging slowly can mean that they are insecure. When the tail wags to the right, it may mean he is happy, if it wags to the left, it may also mean that they are frightened of something. A rapid or a fast wagging means that they are in aggression. 
So try watching your dog's tail to know what they are trying to tell you.

4. A dog's urine is composed of acids which can corrode metal:
It was proven in 2003 in Derbyshire country survey that the reason why their lamppost has been collapsing earlier than expected, is because it is the place where dogs came to stop and urinate.

5. Dogs can detect disease just by smelling:

Dogs have a powerful sense of smell!
According to the study conducted on Germany, dogs reacts when they smell a range of organic compounds that shows that there is something wrong with the organs of a person. Research said that when a dog was studied, they have found out that dogs reacted strange to people with diabetes and cancer. 

6. Dogs are very smart:

I know that a lot of you already knew this fact. That is why there are dogs in the police and military to help their mission. They are trained because they are capable of following and understanding instructions. They can understand up to 200 words and obey like they are in for a degree exam! 
So when next you think you dog is dumb, think again!

7. Dogs can only see black, white, blue and yellow colours:
This made them have better night vision than humans.

Other awesome facts include:

1) Dogs Have Unique Nose Prints. No Two Dog Noses Are The Same

2) Dogs Have Fewer Taste Buds Than Humans

3) Puppies Are Born Blind & Deaf

4) Dogs Have 6th Sense

5) The First Sense Dogs Develop Is Touch

6) Dogs Sweat Differently. Dog’s Armpits Don’t Sweat But its Paws

7) Dogs Bite With Heavy Pressure

Dogs are lovable creature and surely our life would be incomplete without them. There are lots of stories about dogs’ heroism and loyalties to his master. Once a dog feels your compassion towards him, expect that you will be loved threefold in return. And his loyalty will never fade.  They are the most loyal and the best pal that any man can have. Some proved that dogs are also good listeners and the best comfort for lonely people. When you have his loyalty, he will surely never leave you alone and would definitely protect you the best that he could.


  1. Wow.... looks like I would start loving them too

  2. Yeah, dogs are awesome and lovable creatures.. KISSES TO ALL THE DOGS IN THE GLOBE!

  3. Dogs are my favorite!

  4. very amazing creatures i tell u!

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