You And Your Marriage

      Yeah, being married is hard work (Everyone knows that). Its never easy leaving your family (Who you grew up and shared a lot with), your friends, neighbours, environment etc to go and live with someone who you know little about (Trust me, you may never know everything about your partner). 

      When you got married you probably said something that resembled the traditional marriage vows:  “I will love you, and comfort you, and keep you in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, keep unto you as long as we both shall live. And I take you for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health; to love and cherish you until death do us part.” and son on! But, did you really realize what you were getting into? Did you ever think that smile you had while saying all these may fade or glow more?

You probably got married as friends, but then found yourselves running into difficulty because each of you had your own way of living and doing things. You came from one family, and your partner came from another family, and those families were different.

Your job as a couple is to create some boundaries and rules that will guide you in your marriage. But if you’ve never created any rules before, and you or your partner don’t like rules and boundaries, it won’t be an easy task.
One of the reasons this process is so difficult is because.” We’re all human, wanting to do it our own way.” 
But the reality is one can’t have it their way and make mutually agreeable rules and guidelines. If your attitude is “my way is more important to me than the marriage,” you won’t be able to function as a married couple.
The good news is that your marriage doesn’t need to be a failure. If you find you have the problem of self-centeredness, talk to someone (probably God) 
Why don't you both take a few minutes to think about your marriage relationship: 
Ask yourself why did you initially marry your spouse? What qualities does your marriage partner possess that you appreciate? In what ways do you want your “own way” in the relationship?
If you can honestly answer these questions then you won't have much problem handling your marriage!


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