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My Opinion On The Campaign Promise Of Paying #5000 Monthly Stipends To Unemployed Nigerian Youths

Yeah, we all know that promises made by anyone should be taken very seriously and must be fulfilled cause there is always a repercussion that follows failed promises. 

For me, I am even scared of making promises to someone I know I may not fulfill, so I just avoid making it a promise until I know its realizable! But coming out to a whole nation to make a promise and now having issues to fulfill it is something huge! 

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I don't like talking about anything close to politics but I just felt like opening up on this case after a long period of silence. 
Truth be told, since democracy Nigeria as a country has not been able to measure up to standard and this is as a result of unfulfilled promises on the part of our leaders (I still love my country). 
A lot of promises have always been made by people during campaign but as soon as the result is announced, they forget their promises. Instead they labour to satisfy themselves and people around them at the detriment of the people that voted them into the office! 

Let me walk you through a yet unfulfilled campaign promise of a current leader. I was just watching "The Big Issue.........a debate" on TVC News Africa (TVC connect) and the ongoing debate was "#5000 monthly stipends to unemployed Nigeria youths: Yes or No" the two speakers actually came up with very great points yet there was no conclusion as to whether it would be paid or not. 
That's not my problem now, the problem I have got now is why make a promise you never imagined possible? Is it to gain people's votes (and lose their respect for you) or just to join the train of others who have done the same in the past (and making your own raise thick brows). 
Well, this all started during President's Buhari's campaign where he said that he (on behalf of APC) would provide 5000 naira to 500000 unemployed Nigerian youths. 

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Then the expectant youths probably gave him their support and he succeeded in removing a sitting president by ballot in the 2015 presidential elections! 
Okay, not bad, congratulations on his winning. 
After the election, 1 month down, 2 months, 3 months, 9 months, 10 months! And we are yet to see a limelight suggesting that the #5000 promise would happen! 
Instead what do we get? A new statement from him saying "HE" has priorities! Really????? Okay, I understand He didn't think of that when making the promise or he was just speaking under pressure? 

Okay, let's say he was just doing the usual and making campaign promises he wasn't sure of the means to fulfill them; so what's going to happen to the youths whose hopes he has raised? 

Well, those aren't the questions I want to answer now, I am only interested in 2 questions: 

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Firstly, someone asked how far can a sum of #5000 lift anyone from poverty and hunger within a month? And I say, #5000 can set up a petty trade for a sensible youth. If for example, a youth gets #5000 this month and sets up something, another gets next month and does the same, the following month another sets up a trade; in a year, the number of unemployed youths would reduce to a manageable number and the campaign promise of reducing unemployed youths in Nigeria would be a reality. 
 But on the other hand if all the youths have the mindset that the #5000 is meant to feed them, pay their bills etc every month, then believe me that campaign promise would be a mirage! 
What's killing us here is our ego! Everyone wants a white collar, company or federal government job, no one wants to be self employed and create employment opportunities for others! 

Secondly, someone also noted that findings from the unsuccessful immigration recruitment exercise revealed that about 60% of those who applied and enlisted for the recruitment exercise were actually working class people, many of whom were already on the employment of either the federal, states, local councils or the private sector. Going by this revelation, it would be extremely difficult for the government to ensure that the proposed funds meant for selected unemployed and very poor Nigerians do not get into wrong hands. So, would the government use its discretion to categorize people as poor or would it be up to poor Nigerians to signify that they belong to the class? 
 Left for me, I think the government would handpick the poor by themselves! Trust me, if Nigerians are asked to signify which class they belong to, almost everyone would swear with the Holy book that they are poor! 
A very good example was during the Sam Ukala scholarship in my school when students who were poor were asked to submit letters to be shortlisted in the list of those to get a scholarship. Believe me, I know six people whose parents are wealthy enough to comfortable pay their school fees and other things; but these people still went ahead to apply thereby making the chances of the truly poor people very slim! Going by the above, Nigerians can't be asked to signify their class. 
The question now should be, would Nigerians trust the Government to honestly pick these poor people on merit? Since we all hear he is a man of integrity; I think the answer should be yes. 

Come to think of it, if the campaign promise made to youths can no longer be realizable; I SUGGEST (I said suggest oooo) that the president-Elect, General Muhamadu Buhari and Nigerians (I mentioned Nigerians and their leader because for a nation to prosper; all hands must be on deck. We must not leave all the duty to one man claiming we all put him there to work for us!) 

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- should focus on improving our economy. This #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira should be taken extra serious; we would be surprised by what we can do for ourselves. 

- look into our agricultural sector. If Nigerians would stop seeing agricultural work as a menial job only for the poor in the villages; we can use this sector to generate employment for our teeming youths. 

- empowerment programs/seminars should be increased. I noticed that what a lot of people need is to be empowered positively! I once attended a youth seminar with my friends and at the end after listening to all the speakers; we all promised ourselves that we must all be productive! I am pretty sure a lot more people had that same mindset while leaving. Why's that? Because they were empowered positively! 

- entrepreneur should be taught at all level. Since my third year in the university; I'd promised myself that I won't move about with my certificate looking for a bank or company job! After my NYSC, I wouldn't wait to search for a job; I would move into becoming an entrepreneur! 
Do you know what gave me that mindset? I was taught to be an entrepreneur! The lecturer that taught us was good and he made sure we all had 10 business ideas and 1 business plan we can execute if job is not forthcoming! 
You know the best part? We can apply for a loan to startup the business if we have no capital visible! 

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Now tell me, if all the youths have the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur; would they feel lazy and still stay at home (probably waiting for a miracle job to appear) instead of looking for capital to set up something that may be an avenue to create more employment opportunities for others? I bet the answer is no! 

Youths (especially graduates) should quit thinking that only illiterates go into business (I have heard a graduate say that to my hearing in a bus)! 
I would forever love my uncle for telling me that "if you go into the labour market; remove your cap of graduate and stop regarding any job as menial! That job you see as menial can create opportunities for others if you handle it like a graduate! You are in school not to graduate and be entitled to a federal government job; but to use all the knowledge you got to turn a little idea into a winning plan!" 
That's simple, drop your ego and take that job! 

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I know a lot of people would say that people who take up menial jobs are those who don't know their worth! But I say to you, you that claim to know your worth and stay at home waiting for the job that you are worthy of to come to you, have you made anything sitting at home (while your counterpart who took up the menial job is making something) or are you still asking mum and dad for money to buy new envelop each time you are going to apply for a job? 
Who even said doing the "menial job" is the end? You could be doing something while searching for your dream job! By so doing you wouldn't push our politicians into promising you that they would pay you for sitting at home while others are making something. 

No offense, but I think the government should use that #5000 for other meaningful things instead and set up empowerment programs that would teach the youths how to be productive! 

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Later someone would tell me there is no job in Nigeria! But I know there are jobs, the job seeker is just been picky that's all! But if you still insist that there is no job; why don't you create one yourself?



  1. Wow!!! Well said!
    Nigerians need to start looking in the way of been self employed!
    enough waiting for imaginary white collar jobs and government work!

  2. There are jobs in Nigeria, but like you said, Nigerians aren't interested in the one that is available and still they won't want to create any!


  3. Hmmmmmm..... This is something to really ponder on!

  4. Hmmmmmm..... This is something to really ponder on!

  5. Well,,, it's not really as easy as you may think!

  6. Bravo!!!! Have been waiting to hear something sensible from a Nigerian youth!
    thumbs up

  7. Woah. Being self employed looks like a good idea!
    Thnks for reminding me about business ideas and plans.
    Going to visit mine now!
    Any idea how to get loans?

  8. Woah. Being self employed looks like a good idea!
    Thnks for reminding me about business ideas and plans.
    Going to visit mine now!
    Any idea how to get loans?

  9. Woah. Being self employed looks like a good idea!
    Thnks for reminding me about business ideas and plans.
    Going to visit mine now!
    Any idea how to get loans?

  10. Hello Chisom.
    Here's one from Heritage bank for Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development.

    I hope its helpful!


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