Some Unhealthy Habits You Don't Know You Do

To some people, being healthy is very simple. They feel doing the basics to stay healthy is enough. But do you know that some of the things you do or that you don’t do everyday can be bad for your health? Plus, it could also affect the health of others around you?

Okay, let me assume you don't really know! So I would love to tell you some really unhealthy habits that you are doing now and everyday which you may not be aware of.

1. Eating late at night:
 Probably you were reading an interesting book, surfing the net, having an engaging chat or watching a very captivating movie; you watched it till it was very late in the night or you were simply exhausted and too lazy to get your meal. You got hungry and then started looking for what to eat.


Well, you may not know but most of the food you eat during late hours are not metabolized. They were originally thought to even increase weight gain.
The crazy thing about this is that, when you start eating in front of a book, phone or television you can't just stop eating! Plus, you may never know when you get filled! Eating late has also been associated with people who are stressed out or bored.
Bottom line is.. Eating at late hours can cause you to have indigestion and sleeping problems.

2. Covering your sneeze with your hands:
 Trust me, it may sound crazy but whether its a cough, sneeze or yawn, you shouldn't use your palms to cover it.

Why is that? Because most germs are spread through contact we make with our hands. All of our everyday activities involves us making use of our hands. So we could spread diseases, through germs and bacteria when we have direct or contact with a person.
If you are asking where then should you sneeze in, you should know your handkerchief is the best place.

But in case there's no handkerchief to use. You should cover your sneeze with your elbow region.

Strange right? Yeah, but its healthier because, you don't get to touch shake people with your elbow!

3. Taking Drugs with food and drinks:
This is one particular unhealthy habit that you might not think is wrong. This happens when you want to give drugs to your child that hates bitter drugs. You might mix it with a sweet soft drink or hide it inside the meat and give the child. This shows you care for your child. But you are not necessarily helping yourself or the child.

Taking drugs or prescriptions with a food or a processed drink is an unhealthy habit. It could lead to Drug-food/beverage interactions. This can make the drugs work slower and get you very tired. So do yourself a favour and swallow that pill with water alone no mater how bitter it is!

4. Not washing or changing your kitchen sponge:
Your kitchen sponge is the most versatile tool in your kitchen and washes every utensil inside the kitchen. It may look little, but it surely help you in big ways! (Imagine your kitchen without a sponge). However you might forget that your kitchen sponge needs to be kept clean or changed occasionally.

Your single kitchen sponge can harbor billions of microorganism and so there are two things you need to do. It's either you regularly change the sponge or you clean and sanitize it often.

5. Eating too much fruits:
Yeah, I know! Fruits are the most healthy food you can eat. They improve your health and generally help body function. However, eating too much fruits can be bad for your health. Because fruits mainly contains glucose, fructose and sucrose, excessive consumption can lead to an increase in blood sugar level.

Additionally, eating too much fruit can cause digestion problems to people with fructose intolerance.

So tell me, which of them are you guilty of?

For me, I am guilty of them all (Hehehe)!!!  And that's why we should make the needed changes that will improve the quality of our health and wellbeing.

Remember, Health is Wealth! So you need to own and dictate your health!


  1. Wow... Am guilty of democracy allll

  2. I really am guilty of eating with drugs!!!

  3. i really am guilty of eating with drugs!!

  4. I am definitely goin to quit these unhealthy tins! tnx 4 sharin tho


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