Wardrobe Essentials Every Lady Should Have

Yeah well, I tried to go for Eastern shopping and I went to my wardrobe to check before drafting a list!
What I saw in my wardrobe was jaw dropping! You would never imagine if I told you that I don't have the basic things (or essentials) my ward robe needs! 
Essentials, you might know them. They are those basic items we all need in our wardrobe. I bet you would want to guess what I wrote down as the essentials in my list!
Cool, your wardrobe needs these basics too:
kustom triceratops

White sneakers came up as a trendy style item and was a part of the look called SPORTY on the runways {it still is}. if you have not tried dressing up with sneakers, you are really missing out on a whole lot of style saviness. You can pair it with your jeans, gown, shorts, skirts, midi dress, romper, anything really even overalls and that is why you should have it. Don't worry if you don't have white! You can try other colours too.

Image result for images of sling bag

In your secondary school or high school days, if you did not school in Nigeria; it was just a bag to help us carry our books to school. I think you need this because now its that bag you need to run errands getting from here to there without ruining your tote bag or carrying funny looking rat bags around. It also come in handy when you are going someone with few things and not in the mood to carry a big bag.
Image result for images of coloured jeans

A lot of people love blue jeans and probably addicted to it!  But trust me, the day you will try out (or you have tried ou) your first coloured jeans, you would be surprised at the idea that you have never tried them out before.They seem like what teenagers should be wearing but they are awfully cool and gives you a calm look so I suggest you have one around. You can try shades like ash, oxblood, teal green, sea blue, red, dull yellow if you don't want something too bright! Trust me, you will love them.

Image result for images of bold jewelries

I have seen it on ladies and most of the time, I just loved it. If you are shying away from jewelry and thinking its ‘overdressing’, honey its not. A bold neck piece does not need to be large as most think, it could be in colour, a bold design like a neck piece with big circles and sun shapes or a choker. Throw it on one of your white tee shirts or maxi dresses and you will understand my point of view.

Image result for images of TANGERINE  LIPSTICK

Red has always been the go to lipstick colour to brighten up a dull face or help light up your face when you are in a hurry. Try Tangerine; please don’t shrink and say its too bright, Its one sure way to make your face light up and does even more work than a red lipstick. Buy a dry lipstick in tangerine not the glossy ones, they will give you that look you are looking for on a mood swing day. Don't just take my word for it, try it.

Image result for images of STUD EARRINGS

I always emphasize stud earnings. They are cool and can go on both busy days and for occasions. You don’t always need those big earrings for work days or weekdays; give your ear a break and try studs and see simple is just as great.

 Its perfect trust me when I tell you. If you feel like looking good and still simple but not with jeans, a black long skirt is where you should start. Black because it will go with every and anything. Its been my best friend on Fridays and Sundays.

Image result for images of SOMETHING IN HEELS 

 I advise non heel lovers to just go with two inch pumps and wedges. Heels bring this flare to the way a woman walks, it just makes her look sexy, daring and graceful (some say capable). Give include that in your list and add class to you step!
If you can take a style risk, take on this; you won’t regret it. Its the perfect alternative for a scarf{ which we cannot use often because of our weather} and glasses{ which most of us feel awkward wearing} hats can be small or larger depending on what look you want to have. If hats are too much for you then try baseball caps {face cap}. You will need this for a run to the mall in your maxi dress.

ohhhh! how I love big tee shirts.  You really need to get this. You can even take one from your brothers, male friends, boyfriend or husband, coach etc. They are a little too big for us or really big; throw in shorts (not really visible) with them and a pair of gladiators. Its super stylish and I don’t know why but super sexy. You can wear to the beach or to the mall. Big tees are big life savers as well

So that's it! My own lsit of what my wardrobe needs! Why don't you draft your own list so when next you go shopping you could introduce some of these. If you already have them in your wardrobe, cool. If you don't, you can try searching for some of them on KONGA. I bet you would get them are amazing prices!

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  1. Hmmmmmm.. Big Tees would surely be on my next list!

  2. White sneakers looks like something I would love to try.


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