What You Should Know About Skin Bleaching

The most commonly used bleaching agent, Hydroquinone is a very powerful chemical that is used as the key ingredient in the photographic process of development, in the rubber industry as an antioxidant, and as an agent in hair dyes.
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Mercury is another product often used in some cosmetic products as a bleaching agent. It is severely toxic, it can cause skin to go grey or blue black, rather than lighter, and in many cases has resulted in the user suffering from mercury poisoning.

Well, that's not the main thing I am about to tell you! I want to make you understand what bleaching cream can do to you!

Incase you don't know, bleaching cream strips the skin of its natural pigmentation!
Do you know that in dark skinned people, the pigmentation is the skin's natural protection from the sun? Bleaching creams doesn't just superficially lighten the skin, it alters the skin's natural structure, removing and
inhibiting the production of the colour creating melanin! Now how does that sounds to you?

When your skin getsbleached it loses its natural protective barrier, making it susceptible to damage by the sun's rays. This is also why many bleaching products contain either sunscreen, or come with
instructions advising people to use sun protection creams along with the product. 

I hope you know that continuous use of bleaching creams can cause disfiguring rashes, and can also prevent the formation of melanin in the deeper basal layers of the skin which gets so weaken that it cannot be stitched if cut? Uhhhhhh! Sounds terrible to me! Imagine your skin rejecting the stitch when you get a cut! 

If the chemicals in some of these bleaching creams are absorbed into the bloodstream, they can damage the liver, the kidneys, the brain or even causing organ failure! I am pretty sure you don't want that!

People who use bleaching products can end up with rough and blotchy skin, and then get caught up in the 'bleaching trap’ by using more cream to try and correct the problem, and by doing so, they find themselves causing even more damage to their skin!

Haven't you noticed that because of exposure to the sun, your ‘bleached light skin gets even darker? So what's the point pointing yourself through all these health hazards?


Well, I know I am no health expert, but what I do know is that skin bleaching has very very very dangerous health hazards (If you ask me, I don't think it has much benefits). Why not show some love for your skin and stay away from skin bleaching agents?

What do you think?


  1. OMG!!! I never knew bleaching has all these disadvantages!


  2. Sometimes I wonder what exactly they aim to achieve. Thank so much for this post.


  3. Nice points I tell u


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