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Buhari's Foreign Travels

President Muhammed Buhari holds an indisputable records as the most traveled Nigerian President within a very short period of time. The president has traveled for so many reasons ranging from security, economy, energy submit, oil price stability among other reasons. The major reason the presidency has always given to defend the president numerous foreign trips is to attract direct foreign investment, boast the economy and as well as save the naira.

It is either the presidency is ignorant of the fact on ground or they choose to play blind and deceive the president. President Muhammed Buhari came back from china and was singing to the nation the benefit of his china trip. He told the china community that Nigeria is not a dumping ground, that they should come and build factories in Nigeria. He lamented on the wide gap n the balance of payment between nigewria and china of which a technical committee was set up to reduce and possible close the gap. He also secured billion dollar loan from china to Nigeria.

The entire foreign trips that has been embarked upon and will still be embarked in the future for the purpose of attracting direct foreign investment into the country are mere jamboree, waste of time, resources and energy.

A house cant be on fire while the owner is busy chasing rats. Buhari and the presidency are just putting the cart before the horse. No international investor will like to invest in a country like Nigeria because of the many factors which are all known to us. They will rather import finish products, make quick profit and zoom off.

Nigeria prides herself as the most populated black nation on earth which investors can’t resist but there is no enabling environment to attract them. Nigeria lacks steady power supply to power the factory; it lacks steady supply of petroleum products which is to power the plants to generate electricity; lacks good roads for transportation of both raw materials and finished products. Is it security where armed robbery and kidnapping is now the order of the day as its now the order of the day as it is now a vocation for the many unemployed graduate that need to keep body and soul together. All these factors among others scare investors away from Nigeria.

These issues needs to be addressed and drastically improved upon to encourage direct foreign investment. With an enabling environment, the president need not to travel to woo investors. They will naturally come on their own. Nigeria has the needed population to drive the market.

God bless Nigeria.

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