Dating Mistakes Guys Make

It seems so many guys are so confused on dating to an extent where they erroneously equate it with marriage! 

Dating is just a period where two persons who find themselves attracted to each other try to know themselves better; it could even happen in a way where either one of them is not 'too interested' in the other person but as time goes on, good attitude, genuine love and care, coupled with clear understanding shown by either the guy or the lady could make both of them 'click' for good.

On a serious note, some guys can actually go the extra mile by portraying some unnecessary and irrelevant attitude that can cause them emotional pains in return. 

Dating is not really a 'do-or-die' affair! So you need to be aware about what you are going into before delving into it.

Below are some common mistakes (I call it mistakes because that's what it looks like) guys make while dating which is not supposed to be so:

1) Policing a girl: Dating period shouldn't be a time for you to police a girl as if you work for the FBI! 

When a girl agrees to date you, it means she has interest in you and would like to know you better. It is not a period to show your skills in detective operations and start snooping around her, trying to know her every whereabouts, how she eats, who she talks to, who she calls or who calls her. You might just end up selling yourself out as a desperate and jobless fellow who has nothing serious to attend to in life (seriously, some girls rate you like that)!
Give yourself some self-worth, and give her little space (and privacy).

2) Exercising ownership over her: Policing her is one mistake, exercising ownership is another big mistake that most guys make! 

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Remember you have not paid a dime on her (I don't think you have), so why exercise too much ownership?
Isn't it funny that as soon as she agrees to date you, you want her to cut off every rapport she has with everyone? You erroneously think that when you claim ownership, it gives you a strong ground in her life! Wrong! You could even trigger hatred (trust me, it could get worse). Allow her to study you and other admirers to see who has the desired traits!
This is far from her playing 'hard to get' because at this stage, she has already showed interest in you!
Believe me, a woman would hardly respect a man who act as if his life is tied around her (or vice versa).

3) Imposing your personal policies on her: Again, you are not married to her. There is no need for you to impose your policies on her to accept. She has her own life to live and there is no signed certificate anywhere that she is your wife already (chances are she may not be one in the nearest future!).
You might end up selling yourself out as an undesirable tyrant or a dictator!

4) Taking the role of a husband financially: Some ladies may see this as good but the dating period is not a time for you start catering for the financial responsibilities of a lady because you neither owe her any duty nor obligation to do that!
It doesn't mean you should become mean as Caliban! You should show
generosity to the one you are dating but don't make it seem as if you running to get to the finish line and at the same time, trying to carry somebody on your back all along. You sure know what that means.  It is difficult to stop when you have already started; it's better not to start what you cannot end. She may not want to hear that you no longer have to spare.
Never you use money to impress a woman you want to get serious with; instead, let her see the work or essence of the money in your life then, she wouldn't think of the money you would have to spend but the success you have been able to achieve.
Don't forget, women love successful men and they are loyal to them and not just a money spender.


Please guys, if you can correct some or all of these then you have done a lot to your relationship and improved on your dating story.

What do you think?


  1. Woah... I am so guilty of number 1!!!

    1. Yeah, me too.
      but on the other hand, doing those things doesn't hurt

  2. rue talk... really well said

  3. Hmmmm.. Not bad!


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