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Rosy Omeje Cares

Hello Everyone, how you all doing? I guess great, just like me!

Well, today I would be deviating from my normal daily post (so sorry) to bring to you an important notice! Trust me, its cool news!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (pardon my long "so" am just so excited) pleased to announce the launching of my new pet project titled "Obesity-free paradise"! This is a project inspired by the passion to reduce marginalization of obese people. Watching how people treat these group of people; how they are socially excluded in certain places; I just felt the need to reach out to these group of people and also bring to the notice of the public what these group of people needs as habitats of this universe too.
I have initiated a campaign in my area against the stigmatization of obese people and would be dropping an article I presented to a class of social work students on this blog.

That's not all!

You want to know more?

I bet you do!

Rosy Omeje Cares

I just started a non profit project (will soon register it as a non-profit organization) called "Rosy Omeje cares" where I would be assisting young people with dreams to become productive in their different fields!
It doesn't really matter where you belong (either a manual labourer, model, aspiring entrepreneur, blogger, writer, artist, entertainer whatever), as long as you are young and have a dream to perfect your passion, you can reach out and be heard.
We need to build a society where young people who always sing "we are the leaders of tomorrow" can boldly take charge of their tomorrow and be productive!

For now, I would be fully running it online.So, I would create a page on this blog for it and any interested person can easily reach out for assistance.
I will also make it available offline. So, it is open to people living within, around or close to Enugu state. If you can also find your way to Enugu state; you can reach me at 1A Hilltop Unn Enugu State or find my contact details on this blog and connect with me.

There are also sponsors behind these two projects who do not wish to be disclosed. But trust me, with time, I would pull them out of their ghost mode (*winks*).

Meanwhile, if you are interested in been a part of this project (either as a sponsor, beneficiary or teamworker), you can reach me through any of mu contacts (email, mobile number, social media etc).

Sorry, I would be closing the comment section in this post so comments can't be made on this particular post. So sorry (apologies).

If you have anything to say simply connect with me and let's get chatting!
   Have fun!
And don't forget to share to people who may need to see this!