Some Facts About The Eyes

Do you know that our eyes are amazing (I bet you do), but also kind of gross when you think about it?

Do you also know that you probably blink around 15 times a minute. But the number of blinks varies hugely between people?
So don't be surprised if you blink a lot more or less.
The rate also tends to change depending on what you're doing– some people blink less while reading, and more while in conversation.

Do you know that one blink lasts between 0.1 and 0.4 seconds.

Blinking can be voluntary, spontaneous or a reflex.

Spontaneous blinking is what you do 15 times a minute.
Reflexive blinking kicks in if something touches your eye or an object comes at you really quickly.
Voluntary blinking is probably what you are doing right now because you are too aware of your eyes.


So what do you now know about your eyes?


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