Eight Things You Should Know About Getting Married

Where are my married readers? At the end of this post, I would likely fine you for keeping this a secret from the single fellas!!!!

First of all, marriage is sweet! Yes, take it from me.  Its a blissful experience, you just have to know how to play your card well.

On the other hand, it can be a terrible experience which you may live to regret.

If you don't know, there are a lot about marriage which you may have been told, read or observed. In all that, just know that there are some things you may not be clearly told. You may not even observe it cause these married people don't want you to know about it so you don't end up seeing marriage in a bad light! Like I said, it depends on how you play your card.

So here are some things about marriage I bet you may not have been told, read or observed:

1. Marriage won’t fill the void
in your life: Some people FLY into marriage so fast that they end of FLYing out faster than they flew in. Growing up in our society, we are made to believe that marriage is the answer to everything. You see a woman patiently waiting for her daughter to graduate from school (some don't even wait till then) then she starts asking her when will the day come (like she is a fairy princess that would make a husband appear at their house). When she isn't getting a favourable reply, she starts consulting all the relatives claiming that her daughter has probably gone mad! Not just the ladies, some guys also experience this. The act of hanging on their children's neck on account of getting married has made some people assume that marriage is everything! They may be pushed into marriage and may end up regretting it.
So no one is to be blamed when brides expect their lives to magically change once they’ve found Mr. Right.
Even if their life becomes happier, they don’t expect it to solve all their problems.

2. One plus one equals two:
The ‘two bodies one soul’
mantra sounds very romantic
but a healthy marriage is always about two people coming together and trying to make the relationship work.
Don’t beat yourself up trying to make your lives revolve around each other, just relax and know that you will only achieve much when you realize that you both are people from different background, culture and the rest.

3. You won’t always find your
partner attractive: You might still be attracted to each other on an intellectual level but physical changes can often lessen the physical attraction.
The Nollywood and Hollywood version of things
that state that if you are not attracted to your partner, you are not in love, is wrong. So don’t be alarmed; it’s a phase that will pass.

4. The being in love stage ends: I call this the honeymoon stage.
While we all know about
the honeymoon phrase, the
‘happily ever after’, ‘in love
forever’ notion is wrong too. So if there are days when you find yourself wondering why you married him, don’t worry. The end of this infatuation stage promises better things ahead.

5. You might occasionally 'hate' your partner: We do not use the word ‘hate’ liberally. There will be times when his sense of humor or his obsession with sports, things that attracted you
to him in the first place, can
drive you up the wall. Don’t try to change these things because he is after all the person you fell in love with. And truth be told, you probably drive him up the
wall too and you may not know.

6. Treat him the way you wish to be treated: This is another popular notion, playing right into gender stereotypes. We expect the man to be this romantic hero who brings us the red roses and midnight surprises. Honestly, if you want the romance to last in your marriage, treat your man the
way you wish to be treated. Give him the surprise that you crave for, cook him that picnic treat that you long for and give him that good morning kiss that you want every day. Trust me, its fun.

7. Marriage isn’t happily ever after:

 Marriage more accurately is a constant work in progress.
The arguments will increase with time, there will always be issues to be dealt with and there will be way too many times that he drives you mad. The only change will be that this time you will be
willing to give it the required
time and patience.

8. A child can’t save your marriage:

In fact the addition of these "tiny people" in the house will add to the already existing stress. So if you got the golden advice to, ‘have a kid and save your marriage,’ don’t bother, because it won't really help. Well, except your mother-in-law decides to be woman-hitler!

My advice, give yourself a little time and think about yourself and why you want to get married. You should do this so you don't get married for the wrong reason (making a post on wrong reasons to get married) and end up asking yourself "Why did I ever get married?"


  1. Thumbs up dear!

  2. Woah....... Never seen anything like this!

  3. Hi Rosy. I really commend your effort in crafting this post. You are on point about your number one. It is amazing when people get married because somebody wanted them to do so.

    One thing that they fail to realize is that marriage begins after wedding. It possible for people to sponsor your wedding but after wedding your destiny is left for you to handle.

    My advice: those who want to get married should sit down and count the cost. They must be sure that the decision to get married is coming from their innermost being, and never as an attempt to please anybody or measure up with social expectations. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Woah... I really love this article!

  5. Great! I have been trying to explain all these to my baby sister but she doesn't seem to understand me... Good thing someone her age just made my point clearer! I will simply share this page with her. Thanks Rosy, first time on your blog but I feel like I have known you for long!

    Truly, marriage is not everything!

  6. Great.... Really helpful


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