Starting A Conversation With Your Crush

Many people always have problem with starting a conversation with a crush on the first time. Though, it’s mostly caused by fear of how the person will react to you.  
The question is always, How do you strike up a talk with a person you’ve never talked to before, especially if that person is someone you have always dreamt of having as a boyfriend/girlfriend? 
I know that feeling and it’s really awkward if you approach someone you like and suddenly become tongue tied because you have no idea where to start a conversation from and most times ends up embarrassing yourself.

In this post, I will help you resolve such issues if you are one of the persons having this type of problem. 
So here are some tips on how to strike up a conversation with your crush, even if you’ve never talked to them before.

1: Introduce yourself:

First and foremost, whether you’re a  girl or boy, you’ve got to introduce yourself to him/her! This is the first step when you’re learning how to strike up a conversation with your crush that you’ve never talked to because you can’t just be talking to someone who doesn’t even know you. So make yourself known. Tell him/her your name, give up some small details about yourself and just put yourself out there. I know it’s hard, but trust me; it’ll be worth it once he/she remembers your name!

2: Compliment him/her:

People tend to be attracted to you at first sight/meeting or seeing once you compliment them. After you’ve given your name to him if you started with your name, the next thing that you should be doing is flirting a little bit! Being flirty is a great way to get to know your crush and to make sure that he/she feels comfortable. The next tip on starting a conversation with your crush you’ve never talked to is to compliment him/her. Do you like his/her eyes? His/her shirt? His/her clothes? Then you have to make a good Compliment about him/her! It’ll make #things less awkward. While doing this, make it look real with something good that is very obvious about that person.


GOOD: “hello dear, I can’t help myself not telling you i love the colour and style of your hair” or “Hello dear, not telling you I like the colour and style of your hair is bad to me, nice one”. Sure you will hear “Thanks” from her. Then you can introduce yourself.

BAD: “Hello Young lady, I just wanted to tell you your hair is good, which style and how much is it? Now you might not get “Thanks as her response” because you are half a gentleman and you are asking a stupid question. #People hates stupid questions#

(Starting with compliment can sometimes be the first thing to do before introducing yourself depending on the scene you both met each other).

You like that right? let’s continue reading this on how to go about starting a conversation with your crush.

3: Comment on the location:

Now once you are done with the second step, Pause for some few seconds and then you can start with the third step. If you don’t know what to say or you are running out of things to talk about and you are still trying to strike up a conversation with your crush, why not comment on the location? Are you at school or done with school, why not talk about some of your classes or work?


GOOD: Start with this question “Do you know what?” and he/she will say “What”, Then you can say something like “I have been wondering why or I still can’t get it right on my head why (mention the lecturer’s, colleague or worker name) did what he did in school/work today. What do you think? Then the person (target) will surely say something.

BAD: Do you know I knew the answer when (Mention the lecturer’s or Boss name) when he asked that question about Human Anatomy, Just that I don’t want to answer it. Now the problem here is that you appraised yourself and you didn’t give room for him/her to contribute to what you are saying. So you possibly hear “hmm” as his/her response.

This is a great way to really make sure that your crush is really comfortable with you!

4: Open-ended questions:

Very important, one of the biggest things that you need to remember when you are learning how to strike or striking up a conversation with your crush is to make sure that you are asking open-ended questions. You don’t want to ask tons of questions that he/she can answer yes or no to because truthfully, you won’t get any answers or really get to know him/her in the cost of doing this.

5: Use flirtatious body cues (when necessary):

For your body language, it should all be flirty! You could cock a hip here, smile a lot, bat your eyelashes a bit and maybe even touch him/her on the shoulder or arm once in a while. All of your body language cues should revolve around the fact that you like him/her and that you want him/her to like you.

Keep up the same pace: When you finally do get a conversation going, you want to make sure that you are keeping up the exact same pace with him/her. You want the conversation to flow easily and that boils down to the pace, so just keep it up with him/her and you’ll almost be there, promise!

6: Listen to his/her body language:

Try as much as you can to make sure you pick up a lot from his/her body language. If you listen to it the right way! Anyone reading this, this is one of the biggest tips that I can pass along, pay attention to how he stands, what his face looks like, what his hands do and how often he looks around. These are all things that mean something and really do matter very well in the cause of mastering this act!

7: Practice:

Finally you are good to go and make the move, practice! You know that practice makes perfect and I can honestly say that it works this time. When you are first learning how to strike up a conversation, you’ve got to make sure that you are prepared. This means that you should get in front of a mirror and just state your introduction and your cues in that, to see how you look. You can here go ahead and say something like

GOOD: “It was fun having you around, staying besides you today, Can I have your contact or I would love to have your contact as my friend.

BAD: I like the ways you talked today, Can we be friend? And possibly have your contact. (Damn it! You just destroyed what you have been working for because he/she will start asking you why you need his/her number.

Okay, I bet that should give you a clue on how to talk to your crush without looking like a buffon!!!


  1. Lolxxxx... That first image is obviously me!!

  2. Wow... I will try these!!

  3. Great post. In striking a conversation with a crush I feel the first step, which is starting a conversation is the most difficult. How easy or tough it would be is determined by where and how you met the person. If you are in the same group with the person such as going to the same church, working in the same organisation, being classmates etc can make it easy. But if it won't be easy at all if the person is a complete stranger. Thanks for sharing. I hope to write on something related to this soon on my blog

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  5. lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ unfortunately no crush yet

  6. very very helpful!!!

  7. You know, these tips are SURE.

    They go far as making friendship and relationship intimate. In the long run, you would surely find a story to tell when your children ask "How did you woo mum?"

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