Misconceptions People Have About Money

As humans, obviously we've developed several views about money. Some people are of the view that money is actually evil and is the cause of all our present troubles, some believe that it is the best thing that has ever happened to us, others even believe it's just a mechanism developed by the rich to use to cause more trouble for the poor.

But, I actually see it differently.
Here's what I think are the most common misconceptions about money:

1. Money is Everything: Looking at the world today and seeing the way people prioritize making money, one begin to wonder if it's the most important thing in this world!

Although with money you might be able to solve some, if not most of the issues you might face. But if you examine deeply you would agree with me that there are things far important than money. Some of those things include true feelings of Love,  Joy,  Satisfaction, Peace of Mind, Self Fulfillment and the likes; and you and I know money can't buy all that! It can only buy the disguise (you know what am saying).

I thinks its better we understand the importance of money and also the fact that it has its own limits! That is to say that money is, and can't be everything!

2. Money is Evil: This notion is mostly popularized by people who may have had to do something evil or have been victims of evil  as a result of money.

But as true as this sounds, it's only silly to believe that money in itself is evil.
Money is not and is never evil, Money in itself cannot harm, I'd prefer to say that people with insane quest for money who would do anything to get it are the evil ones.
Let's be aware that evil has existed before the invention of money and would continue to exist even if the use of money is scrapped.

3. Money isn't Important: Even with all the misconceptions surrounding money,  you'll agree with me that money is very important and cannot be overruled.

Let's imagine how the world would be if we still engaged in trade-by-barter..............................................................imagining.....................................ok that's enough....... Needless to say that it would be a chaotic mess.
So even though evil things happen as a result of man's unquenchable thirst for money, money remains extremely important in the modern age.
My advice, if you love money, not bad. Just don't Idolize it!!!!
This corrects the misconception that it is everything!

If you want to make money, great. Just do it legally!!!!!
This corrects the misconception that it is evil.

If you have the money, perfect. Just don't act crazy.
This corrects the impression that it isn't important.

What do you think?

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