Qualities Your Partner Should Possess

While we may not know who
exactly we are going to marry, as fully developed, young adults, we have a pretty good idea of the qualities we’re looking for in a partner.
This isn’t a little girl’s “Prince Charming” wish list. It is a list for people who really know what they want. But, if you take these too extreme, you may not like the result so be moderate in observing what you see in this list.

So here are the qualities you should look for in the person you wish marry:

1. Shares your beliefs:
Regardless of what you believe in; your partner should have respect for your
views. Believing in the same things or respecting your choices is bound to bring you two closer.

2. Teaches you something new:
Life together will be pretty boring if you can’t learn from each other. It can be a lesson as small as how to bake chocolate chip cookies with Oreos stuffed in the middle will write a post on how to bake it just incase your partner can't teach you), or something more substantial, like how to use the chopping board properly.
Don't forget there’s an inherent good feeling when you teach someone or learn a new fact or skill.

3. Trusts you (and is trustworthy him or herself):
If you feel the need to raid your partner’s cell phone, you’re basically displaying your distrust for him or he— what good is a relationship like that? Once you start prying into each other’s phones, all faith goes out the window and every text open grounds for an argument.

4. Appreciates staying together:
Every couple needs quality time — just make sure your definition of “quality time” is the same as your partner’s. Going out and socializing as a duo is always fun, but it’s equally important that your partner can curl up next to you for an intimate night in. Sometimes, the most magical moments are the ones we take the time to slow down and enjoy with the person who’s right in front of us.
No audience necessary.

5. Makes you a better person:
You want someone who brings out your best self. A great way to tell if you and your partner should tie the knot is by honestly asking yourself, “Does this person make me better?” If yes, good for you! If no, you know what to do!

6. Entertains inside jokes:
No, I’m not talking about how you both love to crack up while watching "night of a thousand laughs” or “AY crib.” I’m talking about the kind of inside joke, where all you have to do is give the other person a certain look and it instantly sends you both into a laughing fit. You are both so on the same page that the joke doesn’t need to be explained; your partner just gets it.

7. Does not place restrictions on you or the relationship:
The person you marry shouldn’t give you ultimatums like, “I won’t date you until you get a promotion,” or “If you go out with your friends, I’ll break up with you.” There shouldn’t be rules to your relationship that prohibit you from doing certain things or hold you back from being who you  are.
He can’t prevent you from wearing your mini gown to the party (although, it is very flattering when he gets jealous like that).
Likewise, she can’t stop you from playing with your phone before bed (that is, unless she's, not wearing any clothes, (lol).

8. Compromises:
Compromise is the key to any successful relationship; we’ve been taught this since kindergarten.
You may not like to do something but you can just make it your mission to do that and enjoy yourself because your partner wants it.

9. Respects your family:
Notice how I don’t use the word “likes” here. Liking you family is one thing, respecting them is another.

10. Bedroom matters:
If you can’t please your partner in bed, chances are, he or she is gonna look for that satisfaction elsewhere. This goes beyond pleasure; it means you two are also sexually comfortable with one another.
When it comes to matters in the bedroom, you and your partner should keep an open dialogue.

11. Maintains a healthy relationship with alcohol and socializing:
If your partner can’t handle drinking or social situations, then you’ll either:
A) Have to accept the role of the occasional babysitter
B) Stay home alone often
C) Enjoy it altogether.

12. Loves your flaws:
The person you marry should, of course, play up your strengths, but also appreciate your imperfections. It might
sound crazy, but it’s your quirks that makes you you!

13. Gives you well-deserved
So sue us for wanting the person we love to tell us we’re beautiful and perfect and incredible and smart and the best person on the planet?
Seriously, though, you don't need to shower each other with flattery, just give each other well deserved compliments.

14. Appeases your attraction
(whatever that means to you)
Because you’re going to be spending the better part of your life with this person, it’s mildly crucial that you also feel
connected to him or her. Make sure their style is something you love.

15. Partakes in various hobbies:
They don’t have to be the same hobbies as yours, so long as your partner has other ways of fulfilling him or herself, aside from holding you and then cuddling. Whether that means frequenting old people's home or reading, your partner should have other interests outside of your relationship.

16. Shares in your vision for the future:
Hopefully you’re both in it. If  he or she can't share your vision or doesn't believe in it; there may be a problem.

17. Delivers unconditional love:
Unconditional love is kind of like the olive garden. When you are there, you are family.

So what do you think?


  1. I will really try to imbibe all or some of these to become someone's perfect partner

  2. Nice list!!!!!!!!!!


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