What Girls Should Know About Guys

There are a lot of things about guys most girls have the slightest idea about.
Some guys actually don't want their girlfriends to know about it. For this reason, I had to study some guys and decided to expose some of their characters (sorry dudes) that girls had no idea.

1. Guys Get Nervous Too:
When you go on a first date with a man, you’re naturally nervous. You’re terrified in case you smudge your makeup on your way to meet him, scared in case the wind knocks your hair out of whack, and anxious in case you accidentally spill your wine all over him.
Guys are nervous too. Sure, they’re supposed to be all
manly, and sure they take the lead and choose where to go, and they even pick up the bill with an assuredness that seems to be out of this world. But underneath it all, they’re just as terrified as you are and every time they take a sip of their beer they fret that they’re about to
spill it all over you.

2. Guys Love Compliments:
Yes, everyone does, even guys. I said complement not flattery. A good compliment said in the right time can be a real game changer. Guys actually crave compliments, and it’s not because they are attention seeking or needy, it’s because they just hardly ever get any. Of course, guys prefer different types of compliments than the ladies do, and things like: ‘Oh, you look pretty gorgeous today!’
will only make a guy feel
awkward; but you can’t go amiss when you compliment his skills, talents, manly behavior or strength.

3. He Thinks You Are Actually Fine When You Say You’re Fine:
“Hey, you okay? I know we had a bit of an argument last night. I just wanted to text to see if you were okay and whether I should come round later. I love you. I
really do, I mean it.” “I’m fine." “Cool!! Does that mean I can go out for some beers with the guys tonight?”
After 40,000 years of evolution, guys still haven’t realised that “I’m fine” may mean “I’M SO ANGRY
Apparently it’s a fault in their brain mechanism that only a super scientist could ever correct. But because such a correction would cost lots of money, it’s never going to happen.
Poor guys.

5. He Can Actually Cook:
Sure, he can cook. He can cook some excellent dishes, and can even make coconut rice.
He won’t tell you, of course.
After all, he doesn’t want to get roped into cooking your meals for you. Instead, he wants you to wait on him hand and foot. He’ll even set fire to a piece of toast just to prove that he’s rubbish in the kitchen or even OVERcook the noodles.
Only few guys would come out clean to tell you they actually can.

Okay, those are the characters I could find at the moment.
Maybe I would see some more and get back here to fill you in.


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