How To Highlight And Contour Your Face

For a while now I have really been trying to get a hang of this highlighting and contouring thingy! And guess what? I only succeeded this morning (terrible right?) Not a problem to me now cause I said I must share the experience with you, especially the makeup lovers.
Beau Nelson says "Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup". This is achieved by using two different shades of powder, cream and so on. Highlighting is basically adding light to your face.
So, the things you need are your regular foundation which is usually same colour as your skin tone and two other foundation (darker and lighter shades). You can use a brush or your fingers for blending.

Wow, am getting excited now cause this is the application process!
Okay, (coughs) here we go:

Step 1

Start by applying your foundation which is same colour as your skin tone.

Step 2
Now highlight your face by applying the foundation which is two shades lighter than your skin.
This should be applied at;
·                     The centre of your fore head.
·                     Along your brow lines. 
·                     Under your eyes. 
·                     The centre of your chin. 
·                     The section between the tip of your nose and the top of your lip. 
·                     The centre of your nose.
Step 3
Apply the foundation which is two shades darker than your skin.
This should be applied at;
·                     Top of your forehead 
·                     The right and left side of your forehead 
·                     Along the left and right side of the nose
·                     Along your jawline on both  starting from your ear.

Step 4
Now you can blend them using your brush or fingers. Try to blend well so that there won't be any mark left on the face.
Uhmmmmm,,,, I think that’s what it should look like at the end!.
Yeah, I know! Such a simple thing and I only got it right just today! Beats me too!
Well, I got to run back to normal posting cause this post is just something I didn’t want to post (I may be back to share another makeup breakthrough.. lol).

Don’t forget to drop your comments or tips too.


  1. Lol... its really sounds like a breakthrough for u!!!

  2. Hahaha... I can remember wen I finally got how to do mine

  3. Sweet... U have just started


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