Habits That Can Destroy Relationships

Most people have been in a lot of relationship. They readily can win an award for the most failed relationships. Yet, they have not taken time out to find out why these things happen and are quick to say it is a spiritual problem.
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Here are some characters or habits that can destry or is already destroying your relationship:
1. Lies: Even the devil cannot keep up with you when it comes to telling lies. You have promised everyone heaven on earth, yet no result. You mustn’t talk always just be quiet if you do not have anything truthful to say
2. Cheating: Nobody loves to date a cheat. It is irritating to be with someone who claims to love you, and still runs after the latest thing in boxers or skirts, as the case maybe.
3. Selfishness: When you think of yourself alone, you hurt people. If you cannot sacrifice for somebody else; because that is what love is all about, then you have no business being in a relationship.
4. Unnecessary sexual demands: Sex is not love. Stop ruining your relationships by asking your partner to prove his or her love by having sex with you.
5. Unnecessary monetary demands: Hello! Is he your sponsor? Nobody will respect you when you beg all the time. You might want to defend yourself by saying it is normal. Stop begging. Try been independent for once
6. Pressure: Stop pressuring people to marry you. It will fall in place when the time is right.
7. Pride: Nobody wants to be around a proud person. That is why they have all ran away from you. Humble yourself. That does not mean you should become a door mat anyway.
Image result for cartoon images of bad habits in relationship
If you have any of these as weaknesses, try working on them before flying into the next relationship. If it still doesn’t work then its really a spiritual problem!!!


  1. Some people are naturally not good for relationships 😐

  2. I hate cheats!!! If i ever find out anyone i love is cheating on me, she sholud just be arranging her farewell journey!!

  3. I hate cheats! I can harm my girlfriend if she cheats on me!!!


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