How To Know When To Speak Up In Your Relationship

So many times we wish we could speak up when we actually had a chance. However, there are times you just need to keep shut and watch things pass by. But keeping silence in the face of abusive relationship can be more frustrating. 
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So, here are some important times you need to break the silence inyour  relationship:
  1. When you know you are right:
When you have an opinion, be confident enough to share. You might not need to stress it too much but when you can prevent something bad from occurring, don’t just sit back and keep quiet. Although your opinion might not change someone’s decision, but be sure to make your opinion known.
  1. When you want to apologize:
Saying ‘sorry’ could be hard. To some it makes them feel inferior or weak. In the real sense of it, apologizing helps to save further destruction or mishaps. The one who apologise is strong and commands respect. No one likes to eat crow, yet all of us have to at some point. Apologising makes you a better person. Most times withholding the word could destroy a long-time relationship. Due to some differences we have as individuals, misunderstandings are bound to happen. It is important to make things right whenever it is necessary. Make an effort to make an apology when you need to.
  1. When you are watching someone you love walk away:
Making amends to save the relationship is crucial. Many breakups in business and personal relationships or divorces might have been saved might have been saved if someone have spoken up. For the sake of pride, many have resolved to live in hurt for allowing someone to walk out of their life. It is easier to refuse to look back and get hurt for the sake of pride. But if the person means a lot to you, don’t allow them to walk away.
  1. When you are under pressure
Whatever you are not capable to do or cannot afford, should be refused. Never displease yourself to please someone else. If it is going to take you off the limit, speak up. Don’t pretend to be cool with situations that are eating you up inside. Submitting to such situations put you under pressure and makes you subjected to slavery. Remember you have a choice and whatever you decide to do should be as a result of inner conviction not because you are being pushed.
  1. When someone is taking advantage of you:
Most people recognize your offer for help and tend to abuse it. It is important for you not to know when your help is really appreciated and not being taken for granted. Moreover, let not your weakness be obvious to such people because it will be used against you. People can use you when you are happy for instance to demand what you would not give out on a normal day. Be sensitive enough not to keep quiet for everything you are worth.
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 So, if you had moments when you wished you had spoken up, make sure when such re-occur, speak up so you won’t have to stay alive to regret it for the rest of your life. Moreover, if there are situations you can still amend, call attention of the parties involved for the peace to reign.


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