Things You Should Not Tell Your Man

While it is good and to be open and honest in your relationship when communicating with your partner, to have a long-lasting and beautiful union. Sometimes it is better to keep certain issues to yourself. It doesn't mean you should be dishonest, but only talk about it when it is extremely important. Men may seem tough and hard but they are also sensitive beings who can pretend not to care when they really do.
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So, here are a few things you shouldn’t say to him no matter how much you love him: note that the only time you are actually allowed to tell him any of these is when he actually insists and press very hard to know. Even at that, be sure you don’t say it in a way that will hurt him.
1. The real reason you broke up with your ex: He really doesn’t need to know why you broke up with your ex-boyfriend. I know ladies have a bad habit of telling too much when it comes to our past relationships (even when no one asks). Your man does not need to know your last boyfriend cheated on you or that you cheated on him. Just say it didn’t work it out.
 2. Your friends’ personal life: Ladies, I can’t tell you how many times we fall into this trap of getting so close to our man that we start to share the juicy gossip stories about our friends. This is never a good idea. Men are hardwired to only hear the facts so they are not going to understand that your girlfriend is painting the town red with every eligible bachelor because she is trying to take her mind off her broken heart. He is only going to conclude that your friend is ‘loose’. Plus men often times have a bad memory and forget that what you told him was a secret and may ask your friend about something he should never have uttered.
3. You hated the gift he gave you: Like I mentioned before, men are very sensitive especially when they are trying to please you. If he buys you a gift that you absolutely hate – just take it! Tell him that you love it and you appreciate his thoughtfulness. I know this may be hard to do with a smile but trust me it will be worth it in the long run.
4. Confess that you lied: I know this sounds contradicting, but under no circumstances should you confess that you lied about something. It will only make you look bad and the situation worse. Men want to believe that everything that comes out of their woman’s mouth is the sweet honest truth. Let’s please keep it that way. Well, unless the confession will save a life or something close.
5. How you really feel about his mother: I should have made this point number one. Never, ever, ever tell your man what you really think about his mother. His mother just may be conniving, manipulative, sneaky or whatever but his mother is second to God (maybe before) in his life. So no matter how real you want to keep it, never keep that part real. Well, except its something positive.
6. Who you had personal affairs with during a breakup: Sometimes couples break up and then get back together a few months later with this notion of putting everything on the table to start fresh. While this is great news there are something’s that should be kept in your back pocket like who you had a few rendezvous with while you were living the single life. All your man needs to know is that you spent your time reflecting on what went wrong in the relationship and getting to know yourself.
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While there are many other things not to tell him, these are the most important things you need to keep to yourself to actually avoid unnecessary drama in your relationship.

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