Health Phobias That Will Interest You

A phobia is an obsessive fear or anxiety about something in particular. Definitely, we all have certain phobias, even though you might not know it. There is always one activity, action or thing that scares the hell out of us. There are a lot of phobias people have today, ranging from environment, diet, health, objects and even people!
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The big question is, what causes phobias?
Phobias are mainly caused by past events or experiences that trigger fear. The amygdala in the brain records any strong emotional action that you experience. So, if at first you experience a situation or thing that triggers fear, the amygdala causes you to have a fear reaction that occurs anytime you encounter a similar experience, situation or thing. Even by just mere thinking the fear reaction begins. Note that some phobias are also genetic.
So, here are some health phobias you should know and may actually fall into:
1. Trypanophobia - This is the fear of needles or injections. About 20% of people on earth have this phobia. It is closely related to aichmophobia and belonephobia. It often begins from childhood when you receive your first painful injection. From that point, the thought of taking injections makes you shiver in fear.
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2. Bacillophobia - This is the morbid fear of microbes and bacteria. It is also called bacteriophobia or microphobia. It may be caused by one getting sick from a microbial infection. Hence you easily become terrified at the sight of germs, People who have this phobia are excessively neat and could also have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) {a post is coming for that).
3. Dentophobia - It is the fear of dentists, or visiting a dentist to receive dental care. Visiting a dentist can be a very painful experience, especially the first time. It has been estimated that a good number of the earth’s population have dentophobia. Women are known to have this fear than men.
4. Iatrophobia - This is fear of going to the doctor or of doctors. This fear occurs due to many reasons, but mainly due to experiencing a bad situation or traumatic event as a child involving a doctor or in a doctor’s office.
5. Menophobia- This is the fear of the monthly period of menstruation. It begins from puberty, when girls have little idea or advice about menstruation, and end up embarrassing themselves. It could also arise due to fear of blood or PMS.
6. Pocrescophobia - This is the fear of gaining weight or becoming obese. It is also known as Obesophobia. This is a social phobia that is very common. 
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7. Tokophobia – This is the fear of childbirth or pregnancy. Also known as maieusiophobia, this phobia is a psychological disorder that is manifested through panic attacks, difficulty in concentrating, and nightmares. It normally begins due to traumatic first time birth experience. Tokophobia is what mainly leads to women opting for caesarean section.
8. Tomophobia - This is the irrational and dreaded fear of undergoing surgical operations. Although anybody that wants to undergo surgery will definitely be nervous, but someone who is tomophobic will feel even worse. It normally arises in people who have had or experienced a traumatic surgery.
9. Pharmacophobia - This is also known as medication phobia or fear of drugs or receiving pharmacological treatment. Having a phobia of medications can have detrimental effects on the patient’s health. This phobia is prevalent in people who have experienced unpleasant effects from taking certain drugs.
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10. Carcinophobia - This is the fear of getting cancer or of people with cancer. Many people fear a lot of dreaded diseases, but people with carcinophobia are always panicking and are more nervous. Most common causes of Carcinophobia include previously being diagnosed with the disease; a patient may have had a biopsy or might have seen a close relative/friend suffer or die due to it.

All these phobias can be diagnosed and treated through various ways like hypnotherapy. Truly, fear can protect or hinder us. But if such fear prevents you from staying safe and being healthy, try to learn how to overcome it.
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So, whats your phobia?


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