Winners Of The Face Of NIGMAwards 2016

The award night for the nigmawards2016 event in bespoke event center Lekki Lagos state Nigeria has come and gone and a lot of notable Nigerians were awarded based on different categories.
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So, lets go straight to the Face of NIGMAwards 2016 contest.
The contest kicked off on Instagram with at least 50 girls. These 50 were narrowed down to the top 10 girls with the highest likes on their uploaded photo. After that, criteria were set up to reduce the number to the best three. The criteria are summarized thus:
·        All top 10 contestants are expected to be present at the event. Anyone absent will be disqualified.
·        All top 10 contestants must purchase a regular or VIP ticket and also bring at least 5 people to the event.
·        All top 10 contestants must follow the official accounts of the brand on social media.
·        All top 10 contestants must proudly promote the brand on social media by joining the hype/trend on each platform.
·        All top 10 contestants must repost the broadcasts, use the dps and be creatively ingenious to support the course of the awards.
·        All top 10 contestants must send quality pictures that can appeal to the judges.
·        All top 10 contestants must be financially committed and honest to the brand.
·        Blah blah blah

When the criteria were dropped; the heat increased and a lot of girls were trying hard to observe the criteria while pushing hard to get to the top.

The contestants include:
·        Dada Oluwatosin

·        Smith Omodasola Adesire

·        Jegede Kehinde Oluwatumininu

·        Omeje Rosemary

·        Olurankinshe Judith 

·        Ogunsakin Simbiat Motunrayo

·        Orieke Goodness Obioma

·        Njorteah Ada Blessing

·        Mordi Oritsewyinmi Antonia

·        Obonyano Grace Orezimena

On the day of the event all the girls except one (Obonyano Grace Orezimena) showed up. They all came dazzling in their gowns all set for the award. While sitting patiently and waiting for their own award category, some were already judging by the performance of each other and imagining the winner.

Finally, their category was called and after introducing all nine girls, the three winners were pronounced!
And so, the winners for Face of NIGMAwards (Nigerian Meritorious Awards) 2016 are as follows:
·        Dada Oluwatosin (Winner)

·        Smith Omodasola Adesire (First runner-up)

·        Jegede Kehinde Oluwatumininu (Second runner-up)

There was a little murmur among the girls but that brings us to the end of Face of NIGMAwards 2016.
Much bigger one coming up next year!
What do you think of this one?

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  1. Hmmmm... I still say it.
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