Habits You Should Avoid Doing Before Going To Work

Waking up every morning and preparing for work is usually stressful (I know the feeling too). Getting out of bed is usually the most annoying but you have to do it or no food for you!
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Here are seven things you should never do in the morning before going to work:
1. Don’t hit the snooze:
We all think the snooze button is our friend but you don’t know the implication of hitting that button. Experts have revealed the scientific reason why hitting the snooze button is bad for your health and makes you tired if you’re trying to get up in the morning. Your body is puzzled about whether to wake up or to sleep. When you constantly put your body in such puzzled condition, you may end up losing sleep instead of getting it. Try keeping your smart phone or alarm clock far away from your bed if you don’t want to be woken by it. But if you want to get up as soon as it rings, then don’t hit the snooze button. You may just end up ruining your whole day.

2. Don’t check your inbox:
When you first wake up, you haven’t really started your day yet, checking your emails/inbox while your head is still on the pillow may probably give you a negative start and if you’re replying back when you’re half awake, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Or the bad side, you may read a message that will disorganize your day.

3. Don’t mess through your wardrobe:
To avoid morning chaos, one of the best things you can do at the night is to decide what you’re going to wear the next day. Iron them well. Do it for a week and see the result afterward. If you plan regularly, it will actually leave you extra time to sleep longer.

4. Don’t eat refined carbohydrates:
Scientific research confirms that eating refined carbohydrates (those made with white flour) in the morning make you more likely to spring for junk foods all over the day. Rather, opt for protein rich foods in your morning meal.

5. Don’t brush your teeth after eating:
Brushing your teeth after breakfast can force sugars to your teeth surface and finally destroy your enamel. Instead, brush your teeth immediately you wake up.

6. Manage your energy not your time:
Take into account, all of the “dos” and “don’ts” in the morning. Don’t go away from your house in the morning with just sufficient time to make it into the office. Instead, give yourself some time to avoid any trouble. This will give you a smooth morning.
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Are there other bad morning habits you know that should be avoided?


  1. This is so true especially checking of email!

  2. How about a light early morning workout...

  3. How about a light early morning workout....

    1. Exercise is one of those habits you should always carry out!


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