Happy Birthday to Ajetoms

With just three days after my own birthday, I still feel like participating in someone else’s!
This is a guy I haven’t even met but he has been quite helpful. We met online (Can’t even remember how) and we have been good friends who always got each others back (Don’t think whatever you are thinking! lol). His name is Daniel Ajetomobi and he is also a blogger running and (you may want to check them out)

So, on this special day, I wish to specially congratulate and celebrate with another November born (Special set of people).
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Oh, one more thing! I decided to write 20 random facts about Ajetoms just to show him how much of him I know! I am doing this because a lot of people think been online and communicating with people makes them invincible! People are watching so the best thing one can do for himself online is to be at his best behavior!

To Ajetoms on his birthday. 
I just want to write 20 likes and dislikes about him. 
Note that what I write may not really be what he is for real... It's just my opinion based on personal encounter. 

1. I like his courage. 
2. I like his confidence. 
3. He's easily influenced. 
4. He loves trying out new things.
5. He is a lil troublesome. 
6. He is mysterious. 
7. He can be predictable. 
8. He always go for anything he wants. 
9. He knows when to start and when to chill.
10. He's kind. 
11. He's hospitable. 
12. He loves been in control. 
13. He's always quick to conclude. 
14. He's an extrovert.
15. He has ego. 
16. He learns fast. 
17. He loves learning new things. 
18. He is impatient. 
19. He accepts criticism but with ego. 

20. He doesn't know how to express himself clearly.

Once again, Happy Birthday Ajetoms,  I wish you all the positive things you wish (especially more traffic and clicks!).

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