Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrots are a versatile food that is very good for you. The health benefits and even its usage are almost countless. You can eat them raw, you can put carrots in cakes, dishes, fruitpie, fruit juice and they can even go in a salad. Carrots improve your vision and can even help you to see in the dark too! Lol, fact though!

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Here are 5 health benefits of carrots you must know about:

1. Anti-aging food: Carrots contain an anti-oxidant that helps to protect your cells against damage from your everyday activities, which can slow the aging process.

2. Help to prevent heart disease: Adding carrots to your diet can also help to reduce your cholesterol levels.

3. Night vision: Carrots are actually good for your eyes. They contain vitamin A, that is responsible for improving your vision, and your vision at night too!

4. Carrots detoxify your body: The vitamin A in carrots helps to cleanse the liver of harmful toxins, and improves digestion.

5. Carrots clean your teeth: Eating the vegetable raw will remove plaque from your teeth and trigger the production of cleansing saliva in your mouth.

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There are many other health benefits of carrots but these are the ones that should encourage you to include it in your diet when planning your meals.

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