Improving Your Brain Power

Have you ever wished to have control over your brain? You can however, improve the quality of your brain — and that includes keeping your mind sharp and vibrant. 

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There are a number of ways to sharpen your mind, especially when you are willing to do the same thing consistently over a long period of time:

1.      Practice meditation to decrease stress: Stress can damage your brain. So you can strengthen your brain by engaging in lifestyle habits that decrease the firing of your stress response.
2.      Drink coffee: Starting a day with a cup of coffee comes out to be a ritual which could benefit your cognitive functions in the short term. Caffeine helps you keep alert but obviously effect of coffee is not permanent. It will only make your brain work until the caffeine high wears off.
3.      Practice deep listening: Just like meditating reduces the stress, same way you need to get into the practice of regularly quieting the mind so that neurons can perfectly perform their job of communicating.
4.      Ditch the sugar: You should always follow the diet that reduces inflammation and improves your insulin sensitivity. But if you have excess sugar in your diet, that may prove very harmful to your brain. Worst of all, it can make you hyper-active and even over-sensitive.
5.      Sleep well: This is a sort of tricky way to sharpen your mind. Many a times, due to our busy schedules, we get sleep deprived. Sufficient sleep is required to consolidate memory and learning. So having sufficient sleep is must, otherwise you have less brain in your head. Hehe!

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That’s it for now, what other tips do you know? Let’s hear it.


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