Interesting Facts About Coffee That Will Amaze You

Today, coffee is like every man’s best friend. It is taken morning, noon and even before bed. A lot of people take it for its soothing nature, others take it for its benefits while others take it to stay awake. Whichever reason you take it for, here are some facts about coffee that will leave you amazed:
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1. Coffee Can Paralyze and even Kill Insects:
Caffeine acts as a natural pesticide in plants. It can also be toxic to household pets like dogs and cats, and it can even be deadly to people as well. So watch you daily intake, you’d have to drink it about 50 times the average daily intake to get the deadly aspect.

2. Caffeine Is the World’s Most Widely Used Drug:
Study actually revealed that the Americans drink more coffee in the world than anyone else. Still, as Africans we are actually catching up fast.

3. Coffee Makes You Use The Toilet More Often:
Basically, the catalyst present in the coffee makes you produce more urine but then it can also dehydrate you which can result in the reverse effect.

4. Coffee Comes From a Fruit:
Coffee beans are literally fruit seeds.

5. There Are Million Ways to Drink Coffee:
There are bountiful variations of coffee that it’s hard to remember all. We never knew some of these existed, such as ordering coffee “with legs”.

6. Allergies to Coffee Do Exist:
Workers at coffee production have reported suffering symptoms of asthma and nasal allergies when exposed to the raw (green) coffee beans and roasted coffee dust.

7. Coffee Can Affect Your Risk of Dying:
According to the study, Coffee actually diminishes mortality rate and the risk of various types of cancers as well.

8. Ice Water Will Tell You if Your Coffee Was Roasted Well:
Just put one tablespoon of coffee on top of a glass of ice water. If your coffee stays on top of the water and does not leach into the water after a few minutes, it’s been roasted properly. If it leaches, then it’s either over-roasted or under-roasted.
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