My Birthday Eve

Woah, it’s my Birthday tomorrow and I can’t seem to sit still.
I feel like someone waiting for her name to be called as the winner of a mega lottery! I guess my mum felt same way years back! 

So, as usual, I am making this post in hiding! Been busy getting stuff ready with my mum! I sense tomorrow will be big even though the plans changed at the last minute!
I actually came around to tell you all that like I always do on my birthday every year, there will be a giveaway tomorrow! All you have to do is check back tomorrow and see if you can answer the question and win yourself a price! The question this year will be different from last years’ so brace yourself for it!

Remember, if you are within Enugu (Nsukka precisely), the party will be at jives opposite UNN second gate! Please, call before showing up!
Sorry, no invitation card this year!


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