Signs To Show Its Time To Quit Your Friend With Benefits Relationship

Dating maybe really tough and that’s what makes the idea of having a friend with benefits so appealing!
Instead of wading through swamps of dudes in the hopes of having some decent conversation, you can enjoy a frisky romp with a person you already know and like, but who you know isn’t compatible with you in terms of building a long term relationship. You feel safe, feel it’s a -reliable situation, and you don’t have to risk wasting money and time on losers. But it’s important to remember that a friend with benefits relationship is still a relationship.
It has its ups and downs, lefts and rights and there will come a time when it’s time to shake hands and end the “benefits” part of your friendship.
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Here are 7 signs that shows it’s time to break up with your friend with benefits, so it doesn’t end in more drama than its worth.
1. The relationship is keeping you from dating:
Having a friend with benefits is supposed to be a source of sexual solace or a particular thing you choose when you aren’t in a serious relationship. If you want a serious relationship, but you know you can never have that with your “friend”, it’s time to end that relationship and start dating anew, even if this means going through a bit of a sexual dry spell.
If you find yourself turning down promising dates because what you have with your “friend” is just so darned easy, it’s time to get out.
2. The relationship is always on your mind: 
Having a friend with benefits is supposed to be casual, easy, and so much fun. Of course there are clear rules that it’s up to both of you to set and follow in order to keep things light and easy. Obviously the relationship is still a relationship and deserves to be treated with respect.
But when it becomes a source of constant drama and heartache it’s no longer fulfilling the purpose of a friend with benefits relationship. It’s time to get out.
3. The relationship has started to make you feel sad:
Seeing your “friend”should be a happy feeling. You should be happy on your way to see them, happy when you’re with them, and happy when you leave.
If your friend with benefits relationship is making you sad or weepy, then get the heck out of it! Obviously it is no longer giving you what you need to be happy and there is no reason you shouldn’t be happy in any relationship you choose to be in.
4. Your partner is manipulating you: 
Every relationship involves at least one other person, and a friend with benefits relationship is no different.
It is important that you and your partner are on the same page. If one of you feels hurt or neglected, you need to talk about it. Like any other relationship, a friend with benefits relationship relies on honesty and transparency in all things.
If your “friend” starts subtly manipulating you, or making you feel guilty about anything you’re doing that doesn’t involve them, it’s time to get out of there.
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5. The relationship is something you want to remain a secret: 
Well, there may be absolutely nothing wrong with having a friend with benefits, but if your relationship gets so awkward that when you’re out with friends you hide from your “friend” or lie to them about how you know your “friend”, you just have to go with your gut.
Your gut is telling you that something isn’t right and that the time has come to cut the cord and move on.
6. The relationship just isn’t fun anymore: 
At its core a friend with benefits relationship is mostly about FUN. Sure, you need to be careful of each other’s feelings and be respectful of the other party in the relationship, but at the end of the day what you two do together should be about having a great time.
If it isn’t fun, there’s no reason for it to continue. End it, and you just might find that you enjoy your relationship with this person as friends MINUS the benefits.
7. Your partner has another partner: 
Of course your friendship with benefits is going to follow whatever rules you two decide that it should follow. But if your “friend” has another partner, a serious girlfriend or boyfriend who doesn’t know about you, I’ve got some rough news. You aren’t a friend with benefits, you may just be a mistress.
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There are many other sign but if these sounds way too familiar, then it’s time to break up with your so called “friend” and maybe try a real and decent relationship!
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  1. Your relationship ideas are wow. Nice points.


  3. People who actually keep friends with benefits only end up destroying themselves if they don't settle with that person!!!

    My opinion though!!!


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