Special Birthday Appreciation Plus 50 Random Facts About Rosy Omeje

Okay!!! I just finished experiencing an adventurous day.This has been the best moment this year and I want to appreciate the people that mattered.
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Firstly, I want to really appreciate everyone who showed up for the party! This really means a lot to me!!! Its an amazing feeling when you know that a lot of people you don't even know actually care for you.
Secondly, I want to thank the  people who texted, emailed and posted on my social media accounts! Thank you! Atleast whenever I remember my aching fingers, I will remember you!
Thirdly, those who called and sent voice messages, I really appreciate. Atleast I have found new voices for my alarm tones.
Forthly, to those who used my pictures for display pictures, post etc... I appreciate... Atleast now I know that a lot of people are saving my pictures for the future... I now know where to go when I need them! 
Lastly, those who forgot, relax, I still remember you and I know you will not forget next year so you are forgiven!
At the end of it all, I feel so loved and also excited knowing that a lot of people will always show their care even in the way you least expect!

Thank you all once again in the language you understand!
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With that said, I want to close my face in shame for a while now.
You know why? 
Because at the party, a lot of questions were asked about me and just two persons attempted (and they were not even fully correct). Does that mean I am an introvert and don't associate with people??? ..............................moment of silence............................
I feel so awkward when a lot of questions were asked and people who I felt knew me couldn't even answer some!
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So, I have decided to put this up so that even those who don't know me will have something to say about me when the need arises (who knows! I could be the topic for the net who wants to be a millionaire!! lol).
This came up from some of the questions asked at the party!
So, here are 50 random facts about Rosy Omeje (me):

1. I love God
2. I've never rode a bike.
3. Little things can actually get me scared, whereas the big things don't move me. .
4. I can't stand watching someone been tortured even if I despise the person.
5. I don't fancy clothes and shoes. My wardrobe is so scanty I can wear one piece of cloth twice a week!
6. I love parties.
7. What people think of me is not actually what I'm made of.
8. I can easily feel sorry for someone even when not necessary.
9. I can't easily change my mind.
10. Sometimes I make hasty decisions I later regret and can't change.
11. I can give out my last money to a needy person and end up trekking or staying hungry.
 12. I hate embarrassments.
13. I have never been involved in a fight before.
14. I've had quarrels, but the only real quarrel I have had is with my siblings.
15. My friends online are six times the number of friends I have offline.
16. With my phone/pc subscribed, I can stay indoors for months and not feel bored.
17. I have never killed an animal.
18. I can read interesting books/novels for the whole day without feeling hungry.
19. I can't stand humiliation, false accusation or been in debt.
20. I can do mean things to people who try to provoke me.
21. 80% of the contacts in my phone are long lost people I can't even remember.
22. My first number since I got my first phone is still my current number.
23. I'm always the opposite of what people term me.
24. I am the shyest person you will ever meet.
25. When I do some things, people stop to look at me again.
26. I have only had 2 crushes since I can remember.
27. I can advice someone on something, but I don't know how to advice myself or follow other advice.
28. I love having fun.
29. Taking risks is never a problem for me.
30. I love experiencing adventurous moments.
31. I have always loved technological gadgets.
32. I started loving phones since I was seven.
33. My first encounter with a phone wasn't pleasant... I blocked my dad's phone which cost him huge money to unlock.
34. My love for phones drove me to buy mine while I was still twelve years!
35. I started using the Internet between ages twelve and thirteen and I was the first student to own a personal phone in the whole of my class.
36. I have not attended any computer school but I can use the computer more than a lot of people who have.
37. Before I clocked fifteen, I already had personal accounts on not less than 30 social media networks!
38. I have never used a Nokia torch phone as a personal phone.
39. Many of my social media accounts are as old as my first Internet enabled phone.
40. I have never fully attended a burial ceremony.
41. I have never been envious of anything.
42. I can easily trust people, even the ones I don't know.
43. I'm not easily influenced by friends.
44. I can go a whole week without calling anyone.
45. All my friends are my best friends.
46. My hospitality has always caused my something.
47. None of my bedtime dreams had ever come true.
48. I easily forget people and their faces but not their actions or impact.
49. I can do paid things for free cause I'm always scared of demanding for money.
50. I have done a lot of things I'm not proud of. 🙁
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I guess that's all! I am doing this to also safe my face in the future!
What do you think?


  1. Lol.... This are cool but true facts!!!

    I love number 1, 9, 15, 33, 42, 46, 49. And many...

    Happy Birthday again


  2. Happy Birthday Rosy Omeje

  3. Woah..... Happy birthday girl... More grace

  4. Happy bbirthday love... Sorry about the disappointment, good thing you are sharing facts about u with people!!

  5. happy belated birthday. sorry its just coming...wish you more blessings and joy. Loved the 50 facts.


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