Tips For Men Going On A First Date

I don’t know why but I just keep getting emails from guys who keep asking me for dating tips especially when its their first serious date (serious I mean they aren’t trying to play with her).

After giving it much thought, I decided to drop my own opinion on how a first date (or any date) should go.

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Here are 10 dating tips guys need to look into and try out. The list is in no particular order:

1. Plan it:

The first step is to pick a location that’s comfortable and conducive even for conversation. Instead of watching a movie together, go for a romantic dinner. You can go to the movie only when she invites you herself for her favourite movie. After which you can drop somewhere for some quiet time. A cinema filled with distractions may not be the best place to talk and get familiar with each other.

2. Pay Attention:

Always pay attention to your date and listen to her carefully. You may not know the importance but girls love the feeling that they are been given attention even if they are blabbing. Most importantly, pay attention to details. Those tiny things she carelessly say may be the most important thing she wants you to remember. You will only regret not paying attention when in the near future; you forget she has allergies for red roses and end up putting it in her birthday gift!

3. Put The Devices Away:

Put your devices away like your mobile phones, because you can’t truly pay attention to anyone when you’re multitasking (trust me I have tried it and it just isn’t easy). The worst thing you can do to a girl while on a date is to be nodding to everything she say while staring at your phone. She may act like she’s cool with it but trust me, you have sent the wrong message that your phone and whatever is in it is more important than the gibberish she’s saying.

4. Be Curious:

Wait, there is a huge gap between been curious and been nosy or over inquisitive. Don’t dare interchange them. The best way to connect with girls is to show genuine interest. Be curious about her thoughts, feelings, experiences, stories, and even opinions. She will so appreciate you when you occasionally ask her what she’s thinking and stuffs like that. On the other hand, if she is the private type who prefers to keep them to herself, then don’t push too hard if she insists on not telling you. With time, she will slowly and definitely crawl out of her tower.

5. Offer To Pay:

Well, unless she truly enjoyed the date or she just want to help or she feels you can’t pay up all by yourself; she may offer to help pay the bills. Even if she offers, insist on paying for the date. That first impression of been in control and maybe responsible actually gives her a sense of security. Don’t try to show off by paying twice the amount on the bill! You are sending wrong messages! Not all girls love to see their date publicly and unnecessary flaunting their money.

6. Dress Up:

You don’t need to wear corporate, formal, or and overdress. You are going for a date not a job interview or a meeting with your boss or colleagues! You can wear any smart T-shirt with jeans or any informal shirt that should be well pressed and neatly worn. But if you must appear formal then keep it simple. And don’t over accessorize! It will be okay if you appear in a simple belt, one wrist watch and one neck chain. 
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You don’t need to hang twelve bling chains on your neck, wear a bling wrist watch, four wrist chains and still put on a large sunglass to the date! Please, you are going to have dinner (or lunch) and not going to shoot a music video!

7. Be On Time:

Well, this may sound old but trust me its still gold. Never be late to your date! Girls hate to wait! Not the usual wait but the waiting for their date! A girl’s mood can be offset when she arrives to the agreed location and sit down waiting for you! They actually prefer coming minutes after you so don’t try to make her come minutes later and still make her wait. You may just be giving room for a boring conversation that night cause she will want to show her anger at your lateness. She probably just doesn’t want to show up before you get there.  I still don’t know the reason why but it may be because of number 8.

8. Use Compliments:

Always give compliments to your girlfriend on her dressing, footwear, makeup, hair and even eyes. But avoid a never-ending list of praise, it can get overwhelming. A girl feels more secure when she sees you watching her walk in through the door and to her seat. The security feels completely complete when you compliment her appearance. You just made her night (or afternoon). And the rest of the night will be filled with laughter and encouraging responses.

9. Be Confident:

Being confident is important. Always be confident. Very FEW ladies will look relaxed when they see their date looking unconfident. A girl will actually love to see you so confident that she won’t mind melting into your arms knowing she has nothing much to fear. Even if you aren’t confident and don’t know how to act it; I recommend you engage in activities that will boost your confidence before you attempt going out. This is important so you don’t end up embarrassing yourself or even the both of you! You are supposed to be the man not the scared man.

10. Don’t Do All The Talking:

Most times, I just wish I could open every guys head and bury this point there! Please, you are on a date not a seminar presentation. On your date, make sure you don’t do all the talking! This can make the date boring and also send a wrong message. Girls don’t really fancy someone who loves showing their prowess in grammar and presentation. She also wants to be listened to just the same way she listens to you. She may act cool and keep smiling all through your speech but trust me, she now sees you as someone who doesn’t care about her own thoughts, feelings or experience.
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I could go on and on but I guess these are the most important things to note for your first date!
Do you know any other tips? Lets here it below!


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