Amazing Health Benefits Of Cucumber

There are so many health benefits embedded in taking a cucumber and feasting on the goodness atleast daily. 
The low-calorie vegetable is one of the most grown vegetables in the world. There are so many health benefits accrued to eating cucumber just like every other fruits and vegetables.

This vegetable with a unique taste can be combined with many meals in order to tap from the benefits. Eating cucumber daily will keep you from being dehydrated since it is made of about 95 percent of water.

One should be careful in selecting the cucumber to be eaten. Pick the ones with round edges with a colour that ranges from bright to dark green. Soft cucumbers are not as fresh as the hard ones and this may affect the quality too.

Here are some of the reasons why you should feed your body with at least one cucumber in a day:

1. Promotes skin health:
Taking one or two cucumbers daily will prevent your skin from getting dry. Cucumber is made mostly of water, it also contains ascorbic and caffeic acids. These compounds prevent the body from losing water. 
Cucumbers contain magnesium, potassium and silicon. This is one of the reasons why they are being used in spas for treatment.

2. Helps get rid of toxins:
Another reason why you should always eat cucumber is because it helps detoxify the body. The toxins in the body get flushed out when you take this vegetable regularly. It also helps to dissolve kidney stones.

3. Good for a healthy heart:
Cucumbers contain an appreciable amount of potassium. High levels of potassium helps reduce the chances of having strokes and other heart related diseases. Eat more cucumbers to increase the potassium levels in your body. They help in regulating the blood pressure.

4. Helps get rid of hangover:
Having a bad day after consuming so much booze? You can get over the hangover by taking cucumbers as they are a good cure for that. The electrolytes contained in it will revitalize your body and jolt you back to reality.

5. Helps in fighting cancer:
Cucumbers contain high levels of polyphenols like lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol and pinoresinol. These substances are super helpful in fighting cancer.

6. Good for the eyes:
Placing slices of cucumber under/ontop the eyes is good for you as  they will help reduce the puffiness of the eyes and make you full of energy. It is useful in enhancing visual beauty. The vitamins contained in cucumbers will boost your immunity and keep you healthy. 

7. It is delicious/tasty: 
Aside its health benefits , cucumber is also a very tasty fruit/vegetable.
Its tasty goodness leaves your tongue in a trance.

8. Its a good source of nourishment:
Cucumber is a good source of nourishment which can leave you and your skin feeling well nourished!

9. It gives you a youthful glow:
Cucumber is such an amazing fruit/vegetable that it is even added in lotions, soaps and many others to help keep our skin glowing! Creams, moisturizers, lotions and soaps made with cucumber or its flavour are usually great for skins that needs moisture.

These are just a few of its health benefits! 
Always remember to include in your diet plan


  1. Cucumber is really my favourite!!!
    It has so much nutritional value which really helps a lot!!!

  2. Woah! This is good!!!

  3. Nice work here! I have to start taking cucumbers too, I must not miss the benefits attached to eating it.


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