Amazing Things Ladies Can Do While Still Single

Ladies, been single is that time in your life when you can do the things you have always dreamed of doing before committing yourself to one person and their lifestyle! It is important to know that there are many things you can do for yourself while alone.
Spending time alone is also a way to recharge your mental batteries and regroup them.  Everybody needs to do it now or then!!
There is no feeling as amazing as treating yourself just the way you want someone (probably a guy) to treat you! While waiting for your partner to surface, you can still make yourself feel loved by engaging in some interesting activities. You must not let yourself feel unwanted or uncared for simply because there is no man in your life!
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Here are some ways you can treat yourself to a fair time alone! In other words, here are ways you can actually date with yourself by yourself.

1. Travel Somewhere New:

When you travel with alone, you come across many new incidents, people, places, culture and even lifestyle. You get many experiences and moreover find many new things to eat.
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2. Go to a Cinema:

It will be amazing if you go to a cinema near you alone to watch an adventurous, epic or horror movie. This way, you will freely let out all the emotions the movie is putting into you because there is "no one" there to watch you cry or scream like a baby!

 3. Take Yourself on a Dinner Date:

Immerse yourself in good eats and good reads.Go out in the evening especially when you had a stressful day and can't cook. Take yourself to the best restaurant you can afford and eat to you heart's content.

4. Tour a Museum or an Interesting Place:

Museum experiences involve usually a teacher, a tour guide or a pack of rowdy kids. On a good day, just set out on your own to see ancient piece of art. If you are not the museum type, you camn find other interesting places like a trade fair or any exhibition center.

5. Have a Spa Day:

This is probably the best way for you to take on the steam room alone. Getting a spa treatment is a wonderful experience and going there to get it on your own is splendid. Treat yourself the the natural goodness of any spa around you and enjoy the effects on your skin and mind.

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6. Go to a Bookstore:

If you can, go out and spend hours exploring every genre of book known to world. Pick your favourites and keep yourself busy with them! Remember, you can never exhaust all the books in the world so be open and grab anyone you see along the counter.

7. Binge on a TV show:

Another way to make yourself feel good is to always be in front of the TV when your favourite TV show is on. To even make the feeling complete, grab pop-corn and soda and settle yourself deep inside your chair! There’s always a show you could catch up on or re-watch.

8. People Watch:

Go to public places like a park or mall or anywhere people usually troop in or out; or anywhere there are clusters of people. Get yourself a chair, sit back, get a good view and enjoy the show. You would be surprised at the events that will unfold!

9. Indulge in Some Selfies:

If you have never taken a selfie alone, you haven't explored yourself to the fullest! It’s healthy to get dressed in an outfit and shamelessly take photos of yourself as you like. Nobody’s there to judge you. All you do is keep clicking until you get tired. Best of all, you get to watch them later and give yourself a good laugh!

10. Go Shopping:

 Unless you are as broke as broke itself, you just have to treat yourself to a good shopping spree! Take your time in the market or mall. Even if you don't have much money, simply go to the mall with the little you have and feed your eyes to the goodness to the items in the stalls! Pick anything you can afford and spen more time looking round. You could be motivated to work hard to afford those things you see in the showglass!

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11. Get Experimental in the Kitchen:

I personally love this part.
Try out new recipes on your own and mess up. Try again until you are sure you can do it without a guide. Just be experimental; be open to mistakes and learn from them. There is no better feeling that the fact that you can prepare almost anything for anyone (especially your future partner). If you don't know how to cook yet, this is the time to try it out. If you are already good at it, great, now you can learn new recipees and be a master of the art.

Remember, mum always said the road to a man's heart is through his stomach! lol!

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What could be better than that?


  1. This is just the truth!! As ladies we really need to work on ourselves by ourselves before jumping into another person's life and struggling to fix ourself.. The earlier we learn how to treat ourself well without the help of others the better for us!
    Especially working on our cooking skills and bed creativity!
    This will reduce the number of people filing divorce!

    #myopinion / watch?v=WPnjbXQw jfc&fulldescrip tion=1& client=m v-google&gl=US& hl=en

  2. This is worth trying!!!

  3. Lol... I love that selfie part!
    Ladies, take all ur selfies now cos wen u get married there will be no f**king time for that!

    1. lol... that's somehow true!

      though my sis became the queen of selfie as soon as she got married!!!


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