Crowdrising- Scam Or Legitimate

CrowdRising according to the website ( IS NOT Your Ordinary Program. Member To Member INSTANTLY receive donations from other members. This is just like MMM but in a different and almost bigger way

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It's a networking business called CROWDRISING.

*A peer to peer donation system*

This network is basically like MMM but it has faster and better pay and other advantages which include:

1.Unlike MMM that pays 30%, CROWDRISING PAYS 500% of your first investment.

2. MMM pays in 30 days but CROWDRISING PAYS in 4 days for first level, and 14 days for level 2 which is N400,000.

3. In CROWDRISING you are NOT mandated to bring anyone, just join and activate your account by paying the person you are paired to pay for activation into level 1 then working with the group you will get your down lines.

4. Relax and keep getting bank alerts!

Level 1.

When you register, you enter LEVEL 0 in which you don't get any payments until you upgrade to level one.

To upgrade to level 1, pay N8000 to the displayed bank account details of the person you are randomly paired with. Once you pay, call the person through his phone number displayed in ur DASHBOARD, with proof of ur payment for activation. Once the person confirms your payment, he will activate you to level 1. In level 1, you will get 5 payments of 8000



Here, the process is almost same as level 1 but the amount is double. You pay N16000 to someone the system will match you with. the person will upgrade you to level 2. Then, 25 persons will pay you N16000.

THIS WILL BE COMPLETED IN TWO WEEKS MAXIMUM. Then you are done with level 2.


Just like stages 2 and 3, you will need to pay N24000 to any person the system will match you with for your upgrade to level 3. Upon your upgrade, you will be eligible to get same N24,000 from 125 persons.

 THIS WILL BE COMPLETED IN TWO WEEKS MAXIMUM. Then you are done with level 3.


You simply pay N40000 to your matched person to upgrade you to level 4. Upon your activation, you will be eligible to get payments from 250 persons. I.E 40000 X 250

The process continues till level 15 which is the last level.
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Okay, in my own opinion, this is both a scam and also legitimate!

It’s a scam in the sense that it will collect from the new members to pay the old ones (just like MMM) and when there are no more new members registering, the system will cease because there is no other place to get money to pay the already registered ones.

But seriously, 500% return of your first investment???????? Ohhh please!!!

Its also legitimate in the sense that I have seen people who have been paid through it.

My advice, don’t join with an amount you can’t afford to lose. If you want to join, join now that its still growing before it gets to the point where new members will stop joining and your money will be no more!

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