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Natural Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones (renal lithiasis, nephrolithiasis) are small, hard mineral deposits that form inside your kidneys. The stones are made of mineral and acid salts. When your urine has high levels of these minerals and salts, you can form stones.
The reason why most kidney stones form is not known. A stone may cause no problems but often it causes pain. Most kidney stones are small and pass out with the urine. Kidney stones can start small but can grow larger in size Sudden, intense pain is the hallmark of a kidney stone. However, treatment is often required for pain control.
There are still some natural home remedies you can try out to help reduce the pain and control it. Here are some things you can take yourself to control your kidney stone(s):
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1. Kidney Beans:

The shape of this bean is known of its healing potential. An effective urinary home remedy for kidney stones used as a medicinal tonic. Boil 60 gm kidney beans in 4 litres of water for 4 to 5 hours. Now, strain the liquid and allow it cool, naturally. Drink one glass of kidney beans juice in every 2 hours. Do not use this liquid after 24 hours.

2. Pomegranate Juice:

Drink juice of pomegranate regularly or Eat 1 whole pomegranate

3. Basil:

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Basil tea can be taken whole day for overall health. If you have kidney stones, try taking one teaspoon each of basil juice with raw honey daily for up to six months. It’s believed with pure basil juice can help induce stone expulsion from the urinary tract.

4. Watermelon:

Watermelon contains 91% of water.It is a best way to treat kidney stones . The potassium present in it is an essential ingredient for healthy kidneys. It helps in maintaining the acid level in urine.

5.Radish Leaves:

Radish leaves are good source for providing vitamin B6. Drink 1 cup juice of fresh radish leaves at least two times a day.

6. Horsetail Tea:
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Horsetail tea is an effective natural remedy for kidney stones. Daily drink up to 3-4 cups of horsetail tea daily or 2 grams of the herb in capsule form.

7. Bearberry:

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Bearberry  is a common remedy for kidney stones.It helps fight off infection in the kidneys and  reduce pain and cleanse the urinary tract. 500mg three times a day is  highly recommended .

8. Organic Celery:

Celery in vegetable form or celery seed are great urine-promoters and kidney tonics.Daily use of celery seed, as a spice or as a tea, may prevent kidney stone formation.Take raw celery and squeeze fresh juice from it. Fresh celery juice  reduceS the pain level and provide relief.

9. Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar:

For stone pain, mix 2 oz of organic olive oil with 2 oz of organic lemon juice.
Drink it straight and follow with a 12 ounce glass of purified water. Wait 30 minutes. Then, squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon into 12 ounces of purified water, add 1 tablespoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar and drink. Repeat this recipe every hour until symptoms improve.

10. Tomato Juice:

Drink every morning a glass of tomato juice with pepper and black salt to get rid of renal stones.

11. Water:

Drink plenty of water. If you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water along with other fluids daily, the color of your urine will become clear.

12. Nettle leaf tea:

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Drinking 2 to 3cups of nettle leaf tea per day  will work wonders to  prevent urinary infections,flush minerals and toxins out of the kidneys, block the growth of existing stones and formation of new ones.

13. Grapes:

Grapes are fruiting berry of the deciduous woody vines of the botanical genus Vitis. Grapes can be eaten fresh as table grapes or they can be used for making fruit drink. It is also one of the best home therapy for kidney stones

 I recommend you include all or some of the above in your daily diet to help you manage your kidney stone issue.
Do you have any other thing not mentioned here? Lets hear it below!


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