Relationship Issues And How To Handle Them

Life is full of problems. Relationship is a part of our life. It cannot happen that a couple doesn’t run into a few bumps. Every relation has its ups and downs but the best relationship comes out to be the ones who come across these hurdles and keep their love life going. We face a number of complex issues in our life but we need to tackle them. If you want to last long with your love, it is completely in your hands. To make it a satisfying and healthy one you have to fix any cracks in that foundation of fundamentals.

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Here are some things you can tackle?


Cheating – an ultimate relation killer where no relation can survive. The initial betrayal by a partner leaves the couple stone-cold dead while the bed sheets are still warm. Such couples don’t have a bright future. No matter, how many promises you have made, but once such thing happens, both people will expect the other to one day fall into bed with someone else.


No doubt what degree you have done in communication, may be you have done masters, but still you will encounter such problem in your relationship. If you don’t talk or say, you yell at each other where nothing gets solved, try taking a new approach. You should only talk about your feelings, be calm and give the other person a chance to have their say. Instead of blaming each other , feelings should be given more priority.


Trusting each other is a key to a happy relation. Don’t ever lose it.That’s harsh, I know, but no one wants to live with nagging doubts or feel doubted all the time. Lack of trust can destroy your relation and this issue can’t be ignored.


It’s really tricky to maintain a balance between dependence/ independence.Learn to be supportive rather than accommodating. If a couple has reached to a point where they have nothing else in their life except their partner, mind it, you need to step a little back. Otherwise, one partner will feel the need for space and resent the other for taking their freedom away.


A relation has its natural progressions. A relationship is something where two souls turn into one. It’s not a competition where one person moves too fast and the other stays back rather walking together is love. No one likes to be rushed. A couple that sees one partner constantly pushing the other to commit before they’re ready is a couple that won’t last long.


Which relation doesn’t have conflicts? Even the best ones suffer from conflicts. Conflicts is not only fighting. It may be decision making, learning to compromise, and even just finding a way to get through an annoying day without getting snappy at each other. Keeping your feelings to you is like creating resentments. Exploding each other would hurt other if you just spoke up when an issue bothered you.
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Have you experienced any? What was it like?


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