Top Secrets To A Successful Marriage

Getting married is almost every one's dream but only few do think of staying in it for long after they find out whats involved.

Here are some things about marriage you need to know before and after jumping into it!

Having these in mind will prepare you for a successful marriage and help you overcome some of the issues that may arise in your marriage:

1. Know your role:

Both parties recognizing their individual responsibilities within the relationship is a great thing to always remember. Know what your roles are and be happy with them. This means that as a woman, you need to know that most of the caretaking of your children is on you. You don’t need to employ a nanny, take your role as a mother yourself! Unless there is an urgent need for that.
As the man, remember you will be the first to look into the bills. Try to work hard to support your family and prevent them from suffering.
Ladies, be happy to support his passion for business or any career.

2. Pick quality time over quantity:

You don’t need to be with your spouse every minute of every day. The important time a husband and wife spend together should be quality time instead of quantity.
Once in a while, make out time to go to the movies. dinner, interesting places even religious places. Go there like best friends or new lovers! You can go alone or with friends. You can try playing a sport or a musical instrument; and just spend time together, no matter where! Just learn to have a great time.

3. Accept him/her for who he/she is:

You must recognize that the both of you are independent people. It’s important not to expect the other person to be like you; you should expect them to be themselves.
Many people try to change their spouse after they get married, but it’s important to understand the other person and choose to be married to that person and not try to change them into who you want them to become.

Remember, if you need to change someone it will never work. You will try your whole life and never succeed.
You just have to accept the person and give some few corrections where/when necessary.

4. Have separate bedrooms/bathrooms:

This does not mean you will always sleep or bath separately. You will understand my point when there is a tinny-bitty issue!

5. No communication gap:

There must be open communication between husband and wife. Most of the conflicts can be easily resolved by communication. Communication gap could lead to huge battles between couples.
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6. Romance:

The romance must be kept alive even after marriage, otherwise, life will become boring and you will find nothing interesting in your married life.

7. Don’t take decisions in anger:

Quarrels are bound to come up. In cases like this, let yourself and your partner cool down before making any decision or reaching an agreement. This is because many couples have reached a divorce agreement while yelling at each other over a minor problem. A cool head takes better decisions.

8. Try forgiving your partner:

Try to forgive your spouse instead of punishment. No matter how hard two people try to love and please each other, somewhere they will fail, because nobody is perfect in this world.
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9. Try to resolve issues by yourself:

Do not allow a third party to interfere in your personal matters. And, try to resolve your conflicts by yourself.

10. Spend time together:

Spend some quality time together, so that you can listen and understand the feelings of your partner.

Always Respect Your Partner. Respect is the Heart of Every Successful Marriage. 

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