Top Things Men Must Do Before Marriage

Marriage is something most guys start thinking of as they advance in age. Though, marriage is bliss; its important to note that it is a lifetime event with almost a different storyline compared to your single life

Due to the commitment you are getting yourself involved in, there are many things you should do as a man before you even think of proposing to your second half.

Though, this list is not a pre-wedding prep list, its something you can do 2 years, 3 years or may be 5 years before you even think of marriage:

1. Collect Your Favorite Gadget. Most men just love gadgets. If you are one of them, i suggest you do all your gadget collection when still single. I bet you won't like to compromise your partner's love for that one! Get them now and enjoy or there will be no other time for that! 

2. Learn How to Cook. Days will come when you wife may be upset or ill, on those days, you will be the Captain of the Kitchen! So, be prepared.

3. Get Your Finances in Order. Plan Your Savings, You want to enjoy life after marriage and some of those enjoyments are expensive! So you have to be prepared or you might as well forget the luxury! 

4. Make a Solo Trip to a Place You Have Never Been Before. Those places you have always wanted to visit, do yourself a favour and go there. Enjoy the environment alone because your next visit there may be with a group! Explore Yourself as you explore new places. 

5. Do Extracurricular Activities: Take singing or guitar classes, learn a new language or anything that will make you enjoy your own company! This will help especially when your wife needs some 'wify-time'. 

Develop a new skill, just  to fill a void in you

6. Follow your passion. Do what you are passionate about. That’s the only escape route you are left with sometimes. You won't understand this until you get to a point you need it.

7. Achieve something you can be proud of! Be a man that women wants to be with!

Whatever it is you do, just be proud of it. The confidence in your achievements may be all she wants to see in you! 

8. Experience a relationship and feel lucky if you get a heartbreak. You will learn how to tackle heavy situations. This will make you emotionally strong and always ready for anything. Though, you can bring that down to a minimal level. 

9. Develop Empathy, 

It will help you understand your wife’s situation better. If you have no feeling of empathy or have no idea how to show, this Is the time to learn it or risk been seen as an iron man with no feeling of care! 

10. Learn to fix m, repair minor things at home. It will be a money saver later

Be a man with many tricks up your sleeves to avoid running to people each time you need to fix something at home!

11. Lastly, learn to say sorry! Even if you are not! Trust me, you will understand the reason when the time comes! 

So, how many of these have you tried out


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