Here’s Why You Feel Sleepy in Office After Lunch

As humans, we all have felt sleepy just after lunch. After having lunch, especially in office, we always tend to look for fluffy beds to just jump in and have a nap. Sitting on the chair in front of a computer is worst at that time. People working around us can even see our shabby eyes. But, the annoying thing is that you got to stay up! It’s your office time! 
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Well these might be reasons why this is happening:
-         High protein content in your diet
-         Salt content
-         Quantity of food you ate
You can actually bypass this situation if you take care of the ingredients in your lunch.
The Scripps Research Institute’s researchers made a system that measures the feeding and sleep behaviours using fruit flies and noticed that these insects sleep for longer periods after having a tummy full meal. What this means is that, your sleepy eyes after lunch is usually triggered by the above. In order to stay alert after lunch, you need to watch the above closely and make some adjustments!
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  1. Hmmmmm!!! makes a lot of sense!

  2. Noted!! I now see why I often do that!!!

    Good to know I am normal!


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