`Reasons Why Your Relationship Will Suffer Crashlanding

Do you remember the days you would jump out of your seat when your significant other would text you and ask you on a date? 

Do you remember feeling the slight twinge of butterflies when people would ask you how he was doing?

Can you explain what happened to those unexplainable feelings? Incase you aren’t aware, small and simple things- like not taking the time to put forth effort in a relationship- can lead lovers that once felt consumed in their everlasting love to be confused. 

Here are some signs to help you discern if you are in a relationship going nowhere or crashlanding:

1. Involuntarily cheating:

You may be cheating and unaware of it. Cheating does not have to be a physical encounter with another individual; it can be a betrayal of thought and consideration. Where you place your thoughts, you place your time. Time spent thinking about other people and other things are a small act of unfaithfulness. If you want to find a rekindled interest in your partner, take the time to think and focus on them instead of others. In a case where you are unconsciously thinking about other people or letting your mind drift to other people while hanging out with your lover; you may want to check yourself and the relationship.

2. Spending too much time together:

Don’t get me wrong! We all know already that too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing. It is great to want to be together all of the time, but it is also equally important that you don’t be all over each other all the time. This habit in most cases, always lead to unnecessary brawls and nagging. When you see each other almost every minute of the day with the same old conversation, events, etc, you tend to start getting fed up (the case is different when you start raising a family and having new experience daily). It’s important that the two of you can be happy alone, but what’s important is removing the possibility of growing tired of each other repeating the same boring routine. Taking the time to catch up with old friends, visit family or simply reading a book alone will help you when you come back together. It will provide a fresh new conversation.

3. Not being honest with each other:

There are many subtle forms of dishonesty that can leak into your relationship. Whether it begins as withholding details of a certain story, bluffing, or saying a small white lie to make you look a little better, these are all forms of dishonesty. Whatever form of dishonesty either of you participate in, the sheer lack of complete honesty creates an untrusting and lackluster connection between the two of you.

4. Lack of intimacy: 
Small excuses like being too busy, too tired, not in the mood or having better things to do are detrimental to the development of your relationship. Do you feel like your relationship is lacking a little in the love department?  This may be a time to cross examine. If you are looking to liven this connection up again, make it a priority and take the time to be there for your significant other.

Stopped trying:

Relationships cannot grow and flourish without constant care and consideration. When one or both individuals decide they do not need to put forth the effort in sustaining their relationship or have stopped trying to win the other over, the security and trust in the relationship has been lost.
If you both are interested in restoring your love and faith with one another, then you both need to continue serving and caring for each other's needs. Write a love letter, take them to get ice cream or simply text them a sweet message. Do not stop trying because you are in an exclusive relationship.

6. Not a huge priority:

Do you feel your relationship has become just another thing you take care of and check off your daily to-do list? You wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, drive home, talk to your partner, eat dinner and go to bed and start the same tedious schedule the next day. The surprise and excitement of what's to come has been dulled and become nearly nonexistent. To help your relationship from falling into the same old boring routine that has no rank or priority, try taking the time to plan an outrageous date. A date that requires time to plan, prepare and execute. The time spent on this date will provide an opportunity for you to prioritize and invest in your relationship once again.

Too scared to talk:

In cases where you find it difficult to speak up on certain matters, you are creating room for issues to arise. If things are not working or you cannot see where your relationship is going, you need to talk to your partner. Communication is key- odds are your partner is feeling the same way you are. Talking about the things that are not working in your relationship may be the catalyst the two of you need to work and find solutions to make your relationship stronger and healthier together.
8. You don't know what's next:

Where are you two going next? If you do not know, then you have already dulled the excitement for what's to come for the two of you. To keep your relationship alive and running, plan some exciting things for the future. Whether your plans include a walk in the local park, a trip to the movie theater, a trip to the nearest state park or a road trip to the coast, get out and get moving. The excitement of new things will help liven the relationship.
Another definition of “what’s next” could be where the relationship will end. If you haven’t explained or figured out what’s in the relationship for you, you may be going on a blind journey. Directly or indirectly try to find out what the other person have in mind for you both. A clear definition of this will help you rearrange your efforts.

9. You can go days without talking:

The fact that daily communication is not a priority is a red flag and sign your relationship is heading nowhere. Needing to talk, inform and converse with your partner is an essential part of a successful relationship. Time spent strengthening and building a stable and firm connection between the two of you is vital and worth every ounce of investment.

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If you find most of the above rearing its head into your relationship, you may need to resit and rethink your stand in the relationship.

So, do you know any other reasons  that can cause a relationship to fold or crashland?


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