Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Facebook

Billions of people use Facebook every day and the count is increasing day by day. Here, I have compiled a list of Facebook tricks and tools that most people forget are available to them. 

Have a look at these amazing tricks:
1. Finding your extra secret inbox
hidden messages on facebook
Most people know there’s a standard Facebook messenger inbox, and a different section for “Other” messages from outsiders, also known as “Message Requests”. These messages have been filtered furthermore by Facebook. Here’s how to get to it:
Facebook > Messages > click Message Requests > See Filtered Requests.

2. Downloading albums
saving photos on facebook
Facebook lets you save pictures to your hard drive in just one click from there.
Go to the Facebook > album > click on the drop-down menu in the corner > then Save.

3. Calling an Uber
Calling an Uber on facebook
You can book an Uber cab from within the Facebook messenger app itself.
It will connect your Uber account and you have to click on the car icon or message the Uber client to come and get you. It’ll respond you with approximate reaching time and costs, and let you know when it’s arrived.

4. Blocking game requests
Blocking game requests on facebook
I’m pretty sure most of you get many game requests to play. You can block all the game requests  you’re not interested in.

5. Getting notifications on login
Facebook notifications alerts on login
Protect your Facebook account by appending double layer of authentication.
Facebook > Settings > Security
You will get login alerts whenever any intruder tries to log in into your account. These alerts can be sent through your smartphones, browser, or to your registered email addresses.

6. Sharing albums
Sharing albums on facebook
It’s possible to share albums in Facebook but still many people don’t know about that option. Start sharing album the same way as you would regularly do then add other users as donors to the album.
All of your friends and your donor’s friends will be able to see what’s in the album.

7. Group Calls
Group Calls on facebook
You can now do group calls to up to 50 people using Facebook Messenger, which is quite awesome.

8. Choosing who sees your ‘Likes’
facebook name <likes< click on the edit pencil < select manage privacy. 

facebook name <likes< click on the edit pencil < select manage privacy.
Many of us like many pages with no real thought as to who might see and what that might mean to them. You can permanently adjust these settings and choose who sees this.
Go to{YourName}/likes, click on the edit privacy and select manage privacy.

9. Transform your Facebook profile into a page
facebook data backup 

Transform your Facebook profile into a page on facebook
You can change your personal profile to a Facebook page and even bring along all of your contacts as fans of the new page. If you’re set to get started, start the Facebook profile to page migration process.

10. Facebook Live Video
Facebook Live Video
Facebook Live Video combines some of the best features of snapchat and periscope into a tool any Facebook user can use. It lets you add emotive comments and replies to the post, and future spectators can follow the activity as it passes, along with uniting in with the conversation as per any Facebook post.

11. Adding a legacy contact
Adding a legacy contact on facebook
When you die, Facebook mostly will acquire a death certificate from your sibling and granting your page to be reminded. You can decide in advance who will have access to your account by adding a “legacy contact”.
Facebook Settings > Security > Add your dearest person as your legacy contact.
You can even choose to delete your account after your demise. As soon as Facebook accepts your death certificate these changes will go into operation.

Well, that’s like all I know! Kindly add anyone you know below!

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