Happy Valentine's Day + My Valentine Giveaway

Its finally Valentine's day and I was reminded about it by the whizzing bbyof fast speeding cars and the regular "how will your val look like?" question I got from people!

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Well, its not just a season to show love but to also feel loved! While remembering your loved ones and share lovely moments with them. please remember to reach out to those who has hurt you or done same to you and show some care and love!!

So, to those who I have hurt, who have hurt me, who I love and who love me; I want to really appreciate you for everything both good and bad!

And to my readers, here's my Valentine giveaway for you!

It's an airtime voucher for glo subscribers though!


Still don't know why I picked glo!

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So, Happy Valentine to you all and remember that love is not a day affair but a lifetime affair so be smart!

Enjoy yourself to the fullest! xoxo!


  1. WOW!!!!! My lucky day!!!!

  2. I got it! Glo one thousand naira!!!

    Thanks!! You just made my val! Even though I don't have anyone to go out with!

  3. Happy valentine's day to u dear!!


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