Top Yoga Poses To Get Younger Looking Skin

After spending on beauty products, are you still thinking of enhancing beautiful features with some natural procedures? Procedures, which are entirely natural and effective instantly? 
In Yoga, there are methods, which not only make you glowing from outside but also healthy from inside. It has been proved beneficial from several prospective. It not only shows the effect of commercial cream on your skin but maintains it for a long time. All you need to do is, spend one hour with different practices of yoga everyday, and you will get positive results without any payment!
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According to a top yoga instructor, “Breathing Exercises, Headstand, and Fish pose are primarily the best for glowing skin.” Also removing pollution and toxin from your skin!

1. Shoulder stand:
This static position is the most effective yoga posture to get glowing skin. This position improves skin by regulating blood circulation toward the face. You are required to do this yoga for five to seven minutes everyday. 
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This is very effective to remove acne, wrinkles, dullness and pimples.

2) Plow pose:

This pose got its name because of its position that is like a plough. This pose is highly recommended to get the glowing and healthy skin. 
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It systematizes digestive process and provides healthy and glowing skin.

3. Intense bend/stretch:

It, again, works on body’s blood flow. 
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A proper blood flow of the body is ideal to give proper diet to every part. In this way, face gets complete diet and proper oxygen supply. Cells become healthy, and skin starts glowing.

4. Fish pose:

This pose directly affects skin health. It improves the functionality of pituitary, pineal, and thyroid. It’s ideal to normalize hormones. The proper stretch of face muscles maintains young futures. 
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This exercise also reduces extra fats.

5. Triangle pose:

Also known as Triangle pose, it refreshes heart, chest, and lungs. 
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This pose improves oxygen supplies, and rejuvenates and refreshes the skin for all day long. 
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Try these yoga poses as often as you can and watch the changes n your skin!


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