Clothing Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Bit Easier

You will agree with me that it’s all about hacks these days. Let’s be real, we are always finding ways to make things easier for ourselves. Till now, we have followed so many tricks and hacks which made our life easier and comfy. So why not try out a few tips and tricks for our clothes?

Believe me literally anyone and everyone can make use of these. You will be amazed at how you can do things way easier than you thought!

Here are some clothing/wardrobe hacks that will make your life easier:-

1. Cleaning Your Sneakers:

We all know how stressful washing white sneakers can be ( I can relate). Well, here’s the simple trick: mix detergent, baking soda and a little bit of water and use an old toothbrush to clean them. Gently rinse when done scrubbing. You will be amazed at how clean you sneakers will appear! You can also use your regular toothpaste and brush to scrub it. But for better results, use the first method.

2. Say Goodbye To Oil Stains:

You know what ruins your clothes the most? OILSTAINS! Yeah, I know. But there is a sure way to get rid of them. Just put on some baby powder on it, rub it in a little (with a toothbrush) and let it stay overnight. Then wash it like you use to in the morning. Voila! Your clothes will be as good as new.

3. Hello Clean Suede:

Dirt stains on suede can be tough to get rid of. I am sure you have a pair of dirty suede boots or sandals. So, I guess it time to get that nail file out, because it is going to do more than just filing your nail.  It can also get rid of dirt on suede like nothing else can. Just file away all the dirts and watch your suede sparkle.

4. Resize It:

You know that favorite sweater/pullover or jumper of yours that has automatically grown bigger after the first wash. Well, you could bring it back to normal! Simply soak it in warm water + conditioner for a while and then rinse it well.

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5. A Rubber Band Has More Uses Than You Know:

Some zippers really do want to embarrass you. So out of nowhere, they could just unzip themselves! You can put an end to it. Here’s how: Take the rubber band and pass it through the eye of the zipper and tie it in a tight knot, while wearing your jeans loop it over the button. And you’re good to go. I bet those zipper won’t go crazy again!

  6. More Use For Shower Curtain Rings:

Some of us have a problem. We have tonnes of little clothes like scarf, socks etc, but no place to keep them. But wait, there is a solution for this too. Attach shower curtain rings to a hanger so you can hang multiple clothes on it.

7. Fix A Pair Of Faded Denim:

The best way to fix a pair of faded denim is to avoid it completely by preventing the fading yourself. Add little amounts of distilled vinegar while washing your denim. Do this often and it will not let your denim fade so easily.

8. Sweat Stains:

Those clothes that you love that always get disgusting sweat stains on them. There is a trick to get rid of them too. Before washing them, spray some lemon juice on them and wash well. Then allow to dry completely under the sun. This will do the trick.

9. Those Makeup Stains:

This one is a saviour for the girls. Just like me, many girls have had an encounter with smeared makeup on their clothes. We have at least one such shirt that has a foundation stain or anything on it. So to get rid of it, simply use some shaving cream to wash it off.

10. Cleaning Wet Stains Off Leather The Right Way:

To clean your leather boots, pants or jackets or even leather chairs, use a mixture of cold water and vinegar and then spray some on it. Wipe it off gently. This will get rid of the wet stain quickly.
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I bet you didn't know you could do some of these! You can share any other one you know below!


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