Before You Invite Your Girlfriend To Your Home

I’ve been observing guys recently and a lot of them seem to be complaining about their girl friends been reluctant to visit them. I never imagined what could be the reason until I had a random chat with a few girls. Well, surprisingly, they had almost no tangible reason when I asked them why they prefer hanging out with the guy they claim they are dating but they can’t visit him in his place.  Some were bold to admit that they were not ready to look at what the inside of their man was like so they don’t lose interest. To them, knowing him from the outside is enough to sustain the relationship. They feared that they may see his other world and may not like it. Hence, they want to “save” the relationship by allowing the “other side” remain a mystery! 
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 As crazy or bizarre as this may sound, it is just the fact. I’ve seen guys that they hardly notice their environment and can leave it as unpleasant as anything. I once had a neighbor who was so “messy” that he could cook, finish eating and leave the dishes lying dirty for days. His girl friend who usually visits him during the weekends, would almost work herself to pieces trying to make the room look like a place a human being lives in. after a while, she stopped coming and when I playfully asked him why we no longer see our in-law around, he boldly told me that they broke up after she told him that she could no longer tolerate his unhygienic attitude. The dude concluded by saying that she is just lazy and can’t handle little chores! At that point I was tempted to yell my mind out but thought otherwise. 
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You see, the point is, most girls just don’t want to have the impression that their man is a different person from the cute, loving and nice person they always talk to over the table at a bar/restaurant. I bet if this girl up there had never visited this guy at home, she would never have imagined he is a messy kind of person and they may still be dating till now. And this is exactly what most girls are running away from. They know that you are always in your best attitude while hanging out with them but can show your true colour when you are feeling comfortable in your house and that is why they prefer going out to visiting your place. 

But, you know this (hanging out) won’t go on forever. You have to play your cards well. You must have taken a lot of pains to invite your girlfriend to your place. I mean your girlfriend whom you are in a relationship with not a regular girl. When she eventually agrees to come to your place, you have a lot of work to do. Image result for cartoon images of girl refusing boyfriend
Yes, you need to make her feel at home in your room and should also score a better impression by keeping it clean. It might interest you to know that, she might just check every inch of your room to get a clue of what kind of a person you are. So, be careful about the following things:

1. The Photos Of Your Ex/Crush:
If you still have any of the pictures of your ex/crush on a photo frame near your bed, remove it quickly or it could make matters worse for you! Some guys are fond of keeping photos of girls all around the room; some of whom they don’t even know! Thereby, creating room for series of interview questions from their girlfriend when she sees it. Do away with all this and don’t give her the impression that you love women excessively!

2. The Wallpaper On Your Laptop/Desktop/Walls:
If you have any dirty/nude wallpaper on your laptop or desktop or wall, I suggest you remove it before she comes to your room. If you have wall posters of female body builders or beautiful naked women, remove them and keep the wall clean if possible. These pictures as wallpapers could send the wrong message.

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3. The Kitchen:
If you can clean the kitchen and keep things ready to make her something quick, you might score well. She may even decide to cook something for you before leaving. If she enters the kitchen and sees the place so messed up that she has to leave the cooking and focus on cleaning, you may have got yourself a little case. Do you even know that girls (99.9%) naturally fall all over in love with a guy who can tidy his kitchen properly?

4. The Bathroom/Toilet:
just like the kitchen, a dirty bathroom will ruin all your efforts to make a good first impression. Therefore, try to keep it shining! Some girls can be so nosy and may even pretend they want to ease themselves only to take a peek at what your private world looks like. If she doesn’t like what she sees in there, more matters will arise.

5. The Cigarette Butts And Empty Bottles:
Cigarette butts and empty bottles make an ugly sight and also emit strong odour. Throw them out as soon as you finish using them unless you want to pass as a smoker or alcoholic. Even though you feel she is comfortable with your smoking and drinking, you don’t have to always rub that in her face by littering it all around the room. Show some decency/responsibility by taking all those things out.

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6. The Drink In The Fridge:
If she prefers a drink with you, keep one ready in the refrigerator. Make sure you know the one she likes and make it available. Don’t overload the fridge with alcohol and you think you are trying to score a point or maybe pose as a rich fellow. Doing that will only make her see you as an alcoholic and this may not be good for you. If you want to show off, get some natural drinks or fruit juice and load them there. This way, she will see you as someone with a healthy lifestyle.

7. The Wet Towels/Clothes:
Wet towels or clothes lying here and there would surely make her look at you differently! Remove them and dry them out in the sunlight. In the case where there is no sunlight, put them close to the window or close to the fan. Remember that wet clothes can release odour and can spoil the smell of the room.

8. The Air In The Room:

Your room must be free of any foul odour. Take the dirty clothes, shoes or socks outside and wash them as soon as you can. Piling them inside your room will ruin the air inside. To make the room smell fresh, either you use a room freshener or light incense sticks. While using a room freshener, don’t go for the one with strong/heavy smell. It could make things worse. Go for the mild ones especially the ones mixed with fruit flavours.

9. Hygiene Aside:

Truth be told, aside looking out for how neat you are, most girls are also out to see how decent/responsible/faithful you are. A used condom or sextape lying in any corner of your room would be the most embarrassing sight for her. Many girls will surely breakup with you if she sees such a thing. Try as much as possible to check, double check and cross check your room for any signs or object that you pass you as a cheat!

Yeah, I know, girls and their troubles are just too much. In as much as you may not  like going too far to try to please her when she is at your place, you just have to try as much as you can not to blow it and ruin your chances of inviting her again next time!  
 As first impression is the best impression, do your best to make your girlfriend feel good in your room and make sure you plant the feeling of another visit in he before she leaves..


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