Crazy Hair Hacks That Actually Works

We have tried or at least heard of all kinds of beauty hacks to achieve flawless skin and beautiful face – some normal and some downright whacky! Well, today, its lovely hair time! Here are some offbeat tricks to help you achieve that shiny mane you’ve always dreamt of. 
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You’ll be surprised how well these weird hair hacks actually work:

1. Gelatine for volume:

Mix a little gelatine to your regular volumizing shampoo and watch your hair bounce up with life. It adds way more volume than regular thickening shampoo which means you’ll have to use lesser hair products while styling it!

2. Tame flyaways with a toothbrush:

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Hate obstinate and frizzy flyaways? Here is a pro tip: Take a toothbrush and spritz it with hairspray before brushing through your flyaways. It works like a charm and won’t cause stiffness!

3. Swim-proof your hair:

This works even if you spend a lot of time at the beach. Coat your hair with a leave-in conditioner before you hit the water to protect your hair from chlorine and salts that can dry out your hair. This little hack will help make your hair color last longer too!

4. Baby powder to refresh greasy locks:

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Too lazy to wash your hair? Well, get rid of excess oil by dusting a bit of baby powder on your roots and massaging it in. Just like a dry shampoo, it will absorb all that grease and help your locks look so much fresher in a jiffy!

5. Curl your hair using toilet paper rolls:

Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls, use them as makeshift curlers for natural large waves. Just wrap sections of your hair around each roll, secure it with a pin and finish off with a light spritz of a medium hold sea salt based hair spray.

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