Everyday Habits That Can Affect Your Health

Every day we engage in some habits that aren’t healthy for us, most times we do these without any other choice. There are many habits we involve in our day to day life. And these habits are mostly ignored, but we don’t know this ignorance may act as a slow poison to our health. 
Here are the top 6 habits that affect our health very much which we have no idea about:

1. Wearing Headphones:

According to studies, long-wearing of the earphones or headphones causes hearing loss. Humans typically listen to about 110 decibels in the earphones! And this is very unhealthy! Play the music out loud instead. In cases when you want to enjoy it alone, use the earpiece for a short time and make the volume low. Don’t allow your ears to start feeling itchy before you take them out!
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2. Wearing heels:

High heels are always loved by women (me too) but this high heel puts pressure on your leg joints which cause tendon injuries, and back pain. Don’t wear them too often. If you must wear them (which you must), don’t stand in them for long. Take your feet out once in a while and stretch them. If you wear it to work, take it off as soon as you get to your chair; wear something more comfortable while in the office and you can put it back on when going home. Bottomline, remove them when you are sitting and put them back when you are leaving.

3. Sitting with crossed legs:

Sitting for about four or five hours is okay, but do you know that sitting more than four or five days with crossed legs always leads to hypertension and nerve damage? 

While in your office or anywhere, don’t make it a habit of sitting with crossed legs always. If you can’t help yourself, put something (like a ball) in between your legs so that when you have the urge to cross your legs, it will stop you from doing that.

4. Drinking more juice:

Yes, drinking juice more often than the natural fruit is also a bad habit so it is better to eat the fruit rather than taking the juice, because when the juice is extracted from the fruit, it loses its natural fiber. Commercially made juices contain a mixture of fructose and glucose, and sometimes preservatives, which affects our body. So, grab a fruit instead of the processed juice.

5. Covered face during sleep:

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While Sleeping don’t cover your face because this leads to the accretion of carbon dioxide and it can reduce the intake of oxygen which harms the brain. Keep the bed cover or blanket far from your face and if you feel cold and need to cover your face, reach for a head covering instead.

6. Eating junk foods:
Well, I don’t need to tell you much about this cause I bet you have heard a lot about it. Junks are very unhealthy meals that can only give you extra fat which may not be that easy to burn. And its also an unbalanced meal that gives you almost zero nutrient. So, instead of going for junks when you are less hungry, grab or carrot stick or less fleshy fruits to chew on.
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Try as much as possible to avoid all these small habits that are easily ignored and stay healthy.

Do you know any other one you will like to share? Hit the comment box below!


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