How To Bake A Cake Without An Oven Using The Local Pot Method

We all know about cakes, but do you know that before the advent of gas, electric and charcoal ovens, cake has being in existence and it was usually baked then in local ovens like the clay oven used by most bread bakeries, pots amongst others? Our modern day kitchen appliance sure is a lifesaver when it comes to baking and all but not everyone has it. 
Even though you do not possess any of these modern day ovens, you can still bake successfully and it will come out real fine. I’ve used this method many times and it has always worked for me! So, I'll be showing you the pot method in this post, because it is the most easily accessible item to everyone.

To bake your cake in a pot, you'll need the following:
  • A pot (one that has a cover and covers well)
  • An aluminum plate (stainless plate will do just fine)
  • Heat source (a kerosene stove or gas cooker or even a regular charcoal stove – I’ve used this one too and it was good.  But requires full attention).

How to bake without an oven using the local pot method:
  • Light your heat source, place the pot on it, place the plate face down in the pot and cover it tightly. Aside the plate, you can also use sand, stones or small cans. It just has to be a heat resistant item. I recommend stainless plate because its flat, balanced and no threat of contamination is possible unlike sand and stones. Though, burnt cakes are common with the use of sand and stones.
  • Once the pot is heated up, carefully place the cake on the heated aluminum plate in the pot and cover tightly. 
  • If your pot cover doesn't fit tightly, wrap a kitchen towel or newspaper around the top before placing the cover to prevent too heat from escaping or cool air from going in.
  • Leave the cooker burning at high heat for about 10 minutes and then reduce to moderate heat. The cake will bake within 50-60 minutes depending on the cake size.
  • Insert a fork, toothpick or skewer into the cake to check if it’s completely baked. If the fork or skewer is moist on removal, cake isn't done yet but if it comes out dry, then your cake is ready.
  • Turn off the heat source and put the cake them. Then start getting ready for icing.
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That's it! As simple as that! Just remember that the heat has to be controlled to prevent the cake from burning.
Let me know what you think below. If you have used any of these before, let me know your experience!


  1. Woah.... This is helpful..

  2. I have used a charcoal stove before and it wasnt pretyy!

    I kinda let the heat get too much!
    Got a badly burnt cake at last!

    My advice, if you want to use a charcoal stove, sit with it all through the cooking process! Any mistake or uncontrolled fore then you will be serving a burnt cake!

  3. Woah.. This is really nice!! I like it!


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