How To Cover/Decorate A Cake With Fondant Icing

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In a previous post on diet, I wrote on How To Prepare Banana Cake. In that post, someone asked for tips on how to cover a cake with a simple icing. So, you asked, and I have to deliver. 
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Working with fondant icing can be really amazing if you are that good at it. It’s really easy and exciting to handle once you get the basics. Fondant icing is also called Icing sugar. The first step to fondant decoration is covering the cake with fondant. This post will put you through the process of covering your cake with fondant/icing sugar. Once you are done with that, you can then begin to decorate your cake as you deem fit. You can go ahead and decorate your cake with  fondant rose, bow, ribbons, signs, graphics etc.
 All you'll need is;
  • Fondant icing
  • Cake to be decorated
  • Rolling pin
  • Wheel cutter or knife
  • Butter cream icing or butter
  • Tape rule
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  • Place the cake on a cake board and make certain the cake is leveled. Coat the cake with little butter cream icing or butter.
  • Roll out some fondant using a rolling pin and measure the dimension using a tape rule to be sure the rolled out fondant will cover the entire cake.
  • Lift the rolled out fondant and place on the cake. Use your palm to gently smoothen and guide the fondant into place.
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  • Cut out the excess fondant and keep aside. Always remember to wrap up the remnant of your fondant icing to prevent it from drying up and hardening. 
  • Using a palette knife or any smooth surfaced object, gently rub the sides and top of the cake to straighten rough edges.
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  • For more than a step cake, repeat the same process and place the smaller cakes on top the bigger one as shown below.
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That's all for covering a cake with fondant/ icing sugar. Once you've succeeded with this, decorating the cake won’t be a problem. For starters, simply bring out your icing set and decide on how you want it decorated. To go simple, pour some icing into one of the tubes with the small tip and write something lovely. Then use the tube with a bigger tip and add dots all round the cake. Draw some roses or emojis if you can. If you still want to go further, get a ribbon or fondant rose and place the way you want.

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Just be creative when decorating and remember that the decoration is based on your preference so there is no rule guiding it.
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