How To Cure Boredom In Four Simple Ways

You know, they always say – In order to live free and happily you must surrender boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice. Boredom is a sign that life is not being fully used as the precious gift it is, that something is missing, not externally in the thing that makes you feel bored, but in the character, personality, priorities or mindset of the person feeling bored.
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So, do you want to end the slow drip of boredom once and for all? I bet you do! Here are four characteristics that stomp out, crush and transform boredom into a happy, passionate life no longer tainted by boredom’s stink:


Let your mind go. Let your creativity soar. Let your natural curiosity free of its self-imposed restrictions. Ask questions. Seek answers. Want to know, to understand, to learn. Hunger for knowledge. Thirst for understanding. Seek to know more. But don’t go looking for trouble!
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Ever wondered what peculiar people look like? They are people who buy books, have personal libraries, attend seminars, sign up for workshops, read reputable blogs, watch documentaries and fill their minds with more questions than answers while intensely pursuing their interests! If you are busy with all these activities, there is a zero probability that boredom will creep in.


At some point, you have to put the book down and try out what it claims. Apply the content. Put ideas to the test. Put words into effect. 
Do you know that people of action are rarely bored? They just don’t have time for boredom because they don’t sit around doing nothing long enough to get bored in the first place. Their lives are full of dares and meaningful activities. They do interesting things and get into what they do. Try doing things you always imagined or dreamt of. But stay far from trouble as you do!


If you don’t like what’s on TV, turn it off! If your plans aren’t working out, try something else. If the path you’re on doesn’t do it for you, don’t continue down that dead-end road just because you started it. Change course! Find a new way. Break the mold. Stop pigeon holding yourself into a tight corner of repetitive sameness.
When you can do an about-face smack dab in the middle of life’s 4-lane superhighway, you will always be able to avoid boredom by simply changing direction and doing something else. Always go for things that are creative and fun to do!


Too many plans are planned to death and the thing being planned for is never done because it never gets out of the planning stage. If you fear under preparation more than you desire the thing you’re preparing to do, you decrease the likelihood of it ever getting done. Plans will lead to backup plans which will need plans to prepare for additional planning.
Be spontaneous once in a while! It won’t kill you to simply act on a few unexamined whims from time to time!
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Boredom can drive you crazy! I suggest you try as much as you can to run away from it! Or other the other hand, make it run away from you!
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