How To Prevent Your Heart From Air Pollution

You might be a very health conscious person. You watch what you put into your mouth, you exercise regularly, you meditate to keep stress levels at bay, you go for regular health check-ups, you get seven to eight hours of sleep every day and you think that you may not get any kind of disease because you take very good care of yourself. Well, that’s cool but you might want to think twice. In spite of following a very healthy lifestyle, you might end up with a heart diseases. You wonder how? The culprit is air pollution. We all know that air pollution causes a number of respiratory diseases and children and old people end up suffering from it the most as they have low immune levels.
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Now researchers have proved that air pollution can end up causing heart diseases as well (Beats me too). In this post, I’ll show you certain things that you can do to protect yourself from air pollution and eventually end up protecting your heart:
1. Stop Traveling During Peak Hours:
The first thing that you must do to protect your heart from air pollution is to stop travelling during peak hours when the pollution level is at its peak. Make sure to keep your windows up while in the car if you travel at this time.

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2. Avoid Exposure To Smoke:
If you are a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, make sure to fit a chimney or an exhaust fan in the kitchen in order to avoid exposing yourself to smoke too much. Make sure to use a gas or fire stove instead of the wooden ones that cause a high amount of air pollution. If you must use wood, stay in an open air space to allow the smoke go away quickly!
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3. Avoid Places Where Pollution Is High:
If you are a person who loves to exercise, make sure to exercise when the pollution level is very low, that is, during early mornings. Make sure to avoid exercising during times when the pollution level is high and also avoid places where the pollution level is high. Look for clean and clear stretches of land and places far away from factory areas.
4. Air Cleanser Installation:
You can install a high-efficiency air cleanser at home which is portable. This will help to keep the air in your house pollution free.

Remember, don’t overwork your body. In as much as you will always like to workout and keep fit, you have to remember not to overwork yourself! STOP whenever your body starts sending signals! If you notice your heart pounding unusually fast, what you should do is to just sit still and close your eyes for a while till you feel okay! Drinking water at this point can be dangerous!
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Remember, your heart is also a power house, any outage can be fatal! Always stay healthy!


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